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Liquid lipstick is the ultimate way to make a statement, and Sephora Collection is stacked with options. Whether you’re looking for matte finishes, bold colors, or next-level shine, you’ll easily find an affordable liquid lipstick that checks all of your boxes.

While you may love the look of liquid lipstick, we know that dealing with dried out lips and fading color can be a major buzzkill. That’s why our products are made specifically to help you steer clear from these common challenges, so you can rock your new favorite liquid lipstick with an extra splash of confidence.

Our long-lasting liquid lipsticks eliminate the need for endless touch-ups, and their lightweight formulas help you skip out on any sticky after-effects. Our high-performing liquid lipsticks are also infused with avocado oil, giving your lips the ultimate level of comfort and helping you dodge dryness all day long. Want the best results? We recommend applying yours to the center of your lips first and then lightly moving toward the corners of your mouth.

Give your lips a burst of bold color by peeping our assortment of cream lip stains. There’s a wide range of rich colors to choose from, and these silky products glide on smoothly for an effortless application with high-quality coverage you can count on. Craving extra shine? Your lips will love our Cream Lip Shine Liquid Lipstick. This affordable liquid lipstick keeps your shine game strong, while leaving your lips lathered in comfort along the way. Plus, after you apply it, the creamy texture transitions to a flawless matte finish.