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From blending sponges to brush cleaners, Sephora Collection’s assortment of affordable makeup application accessories has it all. Find the best tools to simplify your beauty routine, minimize mistakes, and take your makeup looks to new heights.

When it comes to putting on makeup, few things play a bigger role than application tools. Luckily, our affordable makeup application accessories are designed to target your biggest pain points. Whether you need extra blending support or more precision for those hard-to-reach corners, we can help.

For more reliable coverage, we think you’ll love the Total Coverage Original Sponge. The wide base makes it easier to cover larger areas, and the pointed tip creates a perfectly precise contour. For best results, soak the sponge in warm water first. Next, use the rounding edges to blend the formula into your skin. The tapered tip is your best bet for reaching smaller creases. After you’re done, use warm water and sponge-cleaning soap to keep it in tip-top shape.

Struggling to create that #flawless finish? We’ve all been there. But with the Detail Oriented Sponge, you can get all the benefits you’re looking for. This bullet-shaped multitasker makes blending, sculpting, and highlighting a no-brainer. Use the pointed flat edge for covering imperfections, hiding dark circles, and targeting touch-to-reach angles. The curved edge is perfect for creating that flawless contour, and is also ideal for adding blush to your cheeks. And if you’ve made a mistake, correct it in no time with the precise tip on the other side of the sponge.