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Squeaky clean. Spotless. Cleansed. No matter what term you use, we're here to urge you to wash those brushes! Our line of affordable makeup brush cleaners eliminates excuses and leaves you with sanitized tools.

We get it, you're busy. But when you're too busy to wash your brushes, that's when the breakouts can happen. Don't get caught up with dirt, grime, and makeup residue. Pick an affordable makeup brush cleaner that fits your lifestyle and go to town on those tools.

Are you always on-the-go? Lots of our cleansers, like the Daily Brush Cleaner Mini, don't require a bathroom sink or any running water to clean your brushes. An added bonus is the compact size of our cleaners. Pop them in your purse or any travel makeup bags to clean your travel and full-sized brushes at a moment's notice.

A regular brush cleaning routine can help your brushes last longer. Our formulas gently wash away makeup remnants and germs while also conditioning the hairs. Show your handles some love, too, and make sure you wipe those down each time you're washing the brush.

Another advantage of washing your brushes after each makeup application is that you start every new session with fresh tools. Fluffy, puffy, and ready to pick up pigment, clean brushes aren't weighed down by yesterday's foundation, powder, and shadow. They also allow for a more precise application, which is super important when applying liner and executing detailed eye makeup looks.