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Are you ready to have the best lashes of your life? We’re about to fill you in on Sephora Collection’s affordable mascaras. Plump, thicken, elongate, and condition each individual hair without shelling out major dough. You can also forget about flaking and clumping since Sephora Collection’s mascaras have been expertly formulated to eliminate those little annoyances.

Turn up the volume with our affordable volumizing mascaras. Oh, and go ahead and lengthen while you're at it. A formula like the LashCraft Length and Volume Mascara will quickly become your new ride-or-die. Enjoy the richness of deep pigments, high-performance bristles, and long-lasting formulas that help your eyes look alive.

Colored mascara is like a party on your face. It’s synonymous with people who are fun, trendy, stylish, and daring, making it a great way to express your personality. Match your eyes, your hair, and your clothes, or use this as your only punch of color with a monochrome outfit. Bring on the bling with a Glitter Mascara Topcoat. Pair it with any one of our colored mascaras or top off your everyday jet black mascara for a chic touch.

Fan and feather your lashes with a mascara that defines each follicle. Specially designed brushes, like the kind in our LashCraft Defining Mascara, separate hairs to ensure they don’t clump or stick during application. If you want to make your eyes appear wider and more almond-shaped, only apply mascara to the outer lashes. For eyes that appear rounder, apply mascara to all of your upper lashes.