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If your man is still washing from head to toe with drugstore shampoo, we’re gonna need you to conjure up your best megaphone voice and tell him to put the bottle down! No matter what stage of life he’s in, there’s always room for a proper skincare routine.

Dirt, sweat, shaving, and other factors can clog and irritate his skin. Help him establish a no-fuss cleansing and moisturizing regimen with affordable skincare products for men. The products and steps he incorporates can be tailored to fit his lifestyle and never ever have to be complicated.

We know it’s true that a lot of men have more robust skin with greater elasticity and fewer wrinkles than women (brag much?), but they can sure as heck benefit from a squeaky clean face. An oil-busting cleanser may be just what your man needs to stay looking fresh (and shine-free) throughout the day. If he suffers from clogged pores and acne, keep an eye out for detoxifying and complexion-clearing options. Slough away dead skin to reveal a baby-smooth face with an exfoliating cleanser.

At a minimum, guys should be cleansing and moisturizing (major points for wearing sunscreen every day). If he already deals with oily skin, look for an emollient that’s lightweight and absorbs quickly. A quick layer of moisturizer before bed will help maximize his manly glow.

Sometimes your man has special skincare needs. In those cases, we suggest checking out the rest of our specialty affordable skincare products for men. Things like beard washes, gentler formulas, eye creams, and face masks designed especially for him can be a major help.