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Life is all about balance, right? So that means you have to put as much care and time into taking off your makeup and spoiling your skin as you do putting it on.

Affordable skincare sets make this part of your routine a no-brainer by taking the guesswork out of which products to choose and how to pair them. They’re also a great value and a fun way to explore new skincare. Try a fresh set for yourself or give them as gifts and share the love with someone you know (hint, hint).

Elevate your at-home spa experience with affordable skincare kits. Many of our sets, like The Glow Kit, have everything you need to cleanse, tone, and address the specific concerns of your skin in an easy three-step process. Formulated with an array of yummy feel-good ingredients (aloe vera, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid), you can have professional results at way-low prices.

We mask our skin, not our emotions, K? Now that we’re on the same page, let’s discuss the seriously incredible benefits of sheet masks. Their direct skin-to-serum contact continuously pumps your face with moisture, vitamins, superfoods, and whatever cocktail of ingredients you’ve selected in yours. Speaking of cocktails, put us on a beach and hand us the Summer Essentials Kit (it’s seriously all we need in life rn).

As if it couldn’t get any better, sheet masks give you instant and long-term results. It’s like getting hours of beauty rest without ever having to sleep. Take these literally everywhere with you and never run into skincare excuses while you’re on the road. Put a mask in your purse, your pocket, your luggage, your backpack, wherever. Just bring them!