While the right makeup products may point you in the right direction, you can achieve flawless looks with the best beauty sidekicks at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to lengthen the life of your makeup or get that selfie-ready finish, you can simplify your routine and break free from your biggest beauty challenges with Sephora Collection. From eyelash curlers to pencil sharpeners and everything in between, these affordable beauty tools do exactly what you need and more.

For breathtaking lashes minus the breakage, explore our selection of eyelash curlers. The Lash Fuse and Curl will take your lashes to new heights, fusing false lashes to your natural pair and creating a pro-level curl that lasts. Plus, the convenient design makes it easier to tackle those tough spots. Inner and outer corners of the eye, we’re looking at you. Want truly eye-popping results with these affordable beauty tools? Use them on dry lashes either before or after putting on mascara.

Keep your makeup products in tip-top shape with our perfectly precise sharpeners, like the Look Sharp Pencil Sharpener. This tool is your new BFF when it comes to fine-tuning multiple pencils in your beauty collection, including eye pencils, lip pencils, and concealer. Best of all, the tight and removable lid allows for effortless cleaning while you can stop stressing about any leftover shavings in your beauty bag.

Dealing with stubborn skin imperfections? Tackle your blemishes safely and effectively with Sephora Collection treatment tools, like the 3-in-1 Extractor. New to this beauty tool? No sweat. The handle fits comfortably in your hand for a refreshingly easy and precise application. Use the small loop to address white heads, and swap to the flat loop to target blackheads.