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High-quality tools can be a serious game-changer in your beauty routine, and Sephora Collection’s affordable makeup applicators really deliver. From effortless applications to perfectly precise finishes, we have budget-friendly beauty tools for all of your preferences and pain points.

When it comes to your beauty sponges, the right cleaning and storage habits can make all the difference. After using your sponge, make sure to rinse it thoroughly—warm water and a sponge-cleaning soap is the best combo. Avoid using your fingernails to steer clear of any tearing. And when you’re finished, store the sponge in its original case and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Apply like an expert with our dual-ended Total Coverage Original Sponge. The wide base is ideal for covering large areas of the face, while the pointed tip allows for easier contour action and a more precise application around tough-to-reach spots like the nose and chin. For an extra bit of convenience, these affordable makeup applicators come with newly reusable packaging that’s made for holding and drying your sponges.

If you’re struggling with blending, you’ll love our Total Coverage Angled Sponge. With one rounded side and one angled side, this unique and versatile sponge is bound to accentuate any look. The rounded side allows for extra seamless blending, while the angled edge can reach every last crease.

Looking for a sponge that you can trust to stay in tip-top shape? We’ve got you covered with our Total Coverage Charcoal Sponge. Charcoal is known for its purifying effect, which means it’ll help your sponge stay extra fresh and impurities-free even after multiple uses. The case also features holes at the base to make sure it dries rapidly when you’re done with it.