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Affordable tinted moisturizer is the absolute best. A must-have in everyone’s makeup bag, this lightweight, moisturizing product provides a thin veil of color while simultaneously hydrating your skin. Perfect for those occasions when you don’t feel like wearing foundation but also don’t want a bare face, tinted moisturizer is something you can apply easily before starting your day.

Are you in need of some good hydration? Unlike traditional foundation, affordable tinted moisturizers, like the Matte Perfection Tinted Moisturizer, will add immediate and long-term plumpness to your face. As feel-good as it is actually good for you, the right tinted moisturizer can be life-altering.

Their airy formulas are ideal for providing blurable coverage that won’t weigh you down. But the best part? Affordable tinted moisturizers don’t equate to greasy or oily skin. In fact, many of them work to mattify your appearance, so you can be selfie-ready at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you’re wondering how to best apply your tinted moisturizer once you’ve added it to your routine. When it comes to layering this light-as-air product, you can use a makeup sponge to dab and blend. Once the tinted moisturizer dries, just dust a thin layer of finishing powder over it to set it for hours.

If your dark circles are still peeking through, don’t be afraid to incorporate a little bit of concealer. Add concealer after you’ve applied the tinted moisturizer and before the setting powder. For a natural flush to match your natural glow, don’t forget the blush!