Inner Beauty Powder
Step one: your essential daily beauty blend to improve skin and gut health from the inside out.
Smoothie in a glass on a marble counter next to GLOW ADVANCED Inner Beauty Powder

Support, protect, and nourish your gut for healthy-looking, resilient skin.

Inner Beauty Boosts
Step two: choose your boost of choice. Elixirs to enhance your inner beauty and target specific skin concerns.
Glass of Inner Beauty Boost on a marble counter with rose petals and fruit

Rich in antioxidants to address sun damaged skin and free radical damage.

Glass of Hydration Inner Beauty Boost on a marble counter with coconut and flowers

Rich in hydrating electrolytes to nourish dehydrated, lackluster skin.

Glass of Collagen Inner Beauty Boost on a marble counter with petals and grapes

Rich in collagen-boosting ingredients to visibly improve skin texture, firmness, and fine lines.

Behind the Brand
Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef

Founded by natural beauty expert and author Carla Oates, The Beauty Chef's range of inner beauty products are based on the philosophy that beauty begins in the belly. Certified organic, nutrient dense, bio-fermented whole foods are naturally rich in prebiotics and probiotics to improve health and nourish skin from the inside, so it glows on the outside.

Apothecary jars filled with flowers and ingredients