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Wishful Skincare by Huda Kattan

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Achieve a healthier-looking complexion with Wishful’s powerful skincare solutions. From oil-banishing cleansers to nurturing masks, this brand has something for everyone.

Does Sephora carry Wishful skincare?

Wishful is a Sephora exclusive, and we carry many of the brand’s skincare products. Shopping for moisturizer? The targeted creams and oils won’t disappoint. Leaning toward a new cleanser? Check out Wishful’s enzyme scrubs and makeup-removing balms.

If you’re on the hunt for face masks, we carry high-performing peel-off, sleep, and sheet formulas for tackling pore challenges, dry skin, and more.

What are Wishful skincare's best-selling products?

Give your skin a gorgeous glow with the top-selling Yo Glow AHA & BHA Facial Enzyme Scrub, which also minimizes the look of dark spots.

Made to lock in moisture for up to 24 hours, the Wishful Honey Balm Niacinamide Moisturizer is another favorite. It includes lavender-tinted pearls to promote a soft-focus finish you’ll love.

The ever-popular Get Even Rose Face Oil helps clarify and tighten the skin while evening out texture and tone.

Is Wishful skincare clean?

Yes, Wishful is a Clean at Sephora brand.

Who owns Wishful skincare?

Wishful is owned by Huda Kattan, an award-winning beauty guru and Youtuber.

What does Wishful Rose Oil do?

The Wishful Get Even Rose Face Oil gives skin a brighter, smoother, and more balanced appearance.

What does Wishful Yo Glow do?

The Wishful Yo Glow scrub reduces the look of dark spots and improves clarity.

How do you use Wishful Yo Glow enzyme scrub?

Apply a generous amount of the scrub to clean skin. Gently massage the formula in circular motions across your face and neck. Rinse off with warm water.

Can I use Wishful Yo Glow enzyme scrub everyday?

Yes, Yo Glow is suitable for everyday use. However, it’s recommended for sensitive skin types to stick to using it once or twice a week. Non-sensitive skin types may start with one to two times a week and gradually increase use as tolerated.