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Size 1.5 oz/ 42.5 g · ITEM 2008720
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It's worth a shot...It's way worth it...Let me just say this stuff works, I mix it into my iced coffee in the morning it definitely gives you energy and boosts your libido, the powder definitely takes a bit to resolve but it will dissolve after at least a minute of mixing and stirring...A smoothie is nice...BUT turn them into 'bliss balls' and eat a few each'll know after a while how many you need on any given day
Beauty Benefit: Energy and Focus and Stress Relief

What it is: An adaptogenic blend of lusty super herbs that targets stress to support healthy hormonal balance and ignite creative energy—in and out of the bedroom.*

What it Tastes Like: Smoky Cacao Flavor

When to Expect Results: Moon Juice’s targeted formulas offer acute support, most experience a quick and noticeable shift and benefits are maximized with consistent use.

What Else You Need to Know: Sex Dust® is a stimulating adaptogenic blend of shatavari, shilajit, epimedium, schisandra, cacao, and maca. It is good to use with Stack with SuperYou® (sold separately) for foundational daily stress management and hormonal balance.*

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