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Size 0.38 oz/ 11.5 mL · ITEM 838763
COLOR: Catwalk Black [ 2 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

I love the brush...I love the color...The love the Azure Blue color by Dior!...the Perfect Bright BLUE...I definetly recomend this because other than that it truly is an amazing mascara the color is a pretty shade of blue and I have to admit that even if you swipe the mascara on your lashes twice the blue is just as intense as when you apply a couple times
The ultra-glamorous catwalk eye makeup that lengthens, thickens, and curves lashes to the nth degree - now in a waterproof version that holds its own when you swim, splash, or even shed a few tears.
Size 0.33 oz/ 9 g · ITEM 1107051
COLOR: Noir [ 2 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

The brush is fab...No clumps at all...Perfect navy blue mascara...It is amazing and blue is the best....I have tried this mascara and I do like how it works and how you can apply it with a couple of coats and my lashes do not clump up...I use this every day on its own, but when I go out, I use it as a base coat and use another mascara on top for a dramatic effect - dior as well just do not remember the name
What it is:
A mascara with an innovative oblique brush that curls and defines lashes.

What it does:
Diorshow Iconic Mascara is the latest in Dior's dazzling range of bestselling mascaras. Created backstage for fashion shows and celebrity red carpet events, the Iconic mascara features an oblique cut brush that gives an extra lash-curling effect. With its long, skinny teeth, the plastic comb brush allows you to precisely coat each lash one-by-one, creating a long, separated fan of lashes that usually takes the skill of a makeup artist. The extra-hold formula provides a 24 hour-curl with 100% smudge-proof results.

What else you need to know:
Inspired by the tailoring technique of cutting fabric on the bias to create maximum curve, the Iconic brush features soft silicone bristles that spiral around the stem to lift, curl, and separate every lash.
ITEM 1199181
COLOR: Deep Black [ 3 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

gets the job done...I use Navy mascara and I love it....WOW it's blue...I received this mascara for free for testing purposes by Influenster , um only giving it a 4 because I have tried better mascaras for the same price , but if u like this brand u will definitely like this mascara it dose the job it stays on all day and it doesn't transfer
What it is: An iconic mascara that creates clean and defined, natural-looking lashes.

What Else You Need to Know: This mascara helps define eyelashes using polymers formulated to lengthen. The fine comb-like brush has a "hedgehog" bristles pattern that enables it to dispense the perfect amount of product lash by lash for gradual and even application.
Size 0.3 oz/ 8.5 g · ITEM 1343938
COLOR: Black [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

I only wish it came in Navy....The blue is beautiful and brightens eyes....I generally have good lashes and dont have a problem finding a mascara that works well so when I saw the hype for this product I didnt jump on the band wagon but I bought a benefit kit that came with this mascara and then I fell in love the formula is just right for my lashes and it makes them look so good a
What it is:
A lengthening mascara that curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for an "out-of-here" look.

What it does:
This breakthrough bestseller reveals lashes you never knew you had! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The custom-domed tip uses precision bristles to lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. With a glossy, jet-black, long-wearing formula, you’ll flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out.

What else you need to know:
Go horizontal: the staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume.
Then go vertical: the custom-domed tip with precision bristles lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes.

This product is an Allure Reader’s Choice award winner.

Research results:
In a consumer panel survey, the following results were reported:
- 94% saw dramatic length and volume
- 90% saw base-to-tip curl
- 94% saw visible lift
-100% saw long-wearing results

Beauty Tip:
For super curl and length, apply Roller Lash first to curl and lift your lashes. Then layer They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara on top.
Size 0.33 oz/ 10 mL · ITEM 1689710
COLOR: Brown 698 [ 2 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

I love the smell...Two coats is the dark navy color...The search continues for a good blue mascara....I received this product as a free sample this is a really beautiful intense black mascara color the packaging of the mascara is really nice high end brand mascara it is worth for me to retry again after mascara finishes I received the product complimentary for testing purposes
What it is: A bestselling mascara and must-have on Dior runways that gives buildable volume for fuller lashes with a lash-extension effect.

What Else You Need to Know: The iconic Diorshow Mascara, enriched with microfibers and silk proteins, creates the effect of lash extensions. A cult favorite, Diorshow features a signature XXL brush and gives buildable volume with each stroke. Rose essence conditions lashes for a more spectacular shape and volume.
Size 0.33 oz/ 9.5 g · ITEM 1497940
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

My holy grail (:...Well worth a try...Navy blue hue...Blue mascara is SO fun!...Great for thickening gives you that feathered glam falsie look but for us ladies that have no curl to their lashes even after curling them this mascara didn't make my lashes look curly so If your eyelashes are naturally curled I def recommend this mascara it'sn't waterproof but it stays on way longer and is smudge free even more than my waterproof ones so no looking like a wet rodent ;) would be 5 stars and my HG if it provided a curl like the name and description say lol but it's still a pretty
What it is:
A revolutionary mascara with a curved brush that offers spectacular volume and curling power.

What it does:
Create glamorously curled lashes day after day. Inspired by professional curling irons, the curved brush styles every lash from bottom to top. High-precision ingredients provide intense definition and hold without clumping or smudging. Creating instant oversized volume and curl, this evolutionary formula nourishes your lashes with a unique lipid complex that strengthens and smooths for long-lasting vitality.

What else you need to know:
A collection of makeup artist essentials, designed to suit all skin tones, used at the Dior runway shows, and inspired by the energy backstage.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara embodies a host of key technologies. Its K-Polymer Formula combines lifting, coating, and fixing polymers for instantly dramatic curves and enduring wear. Its waxes and oils offer a volumizing complex that boosts adherence, coverage, and smoothing for a dramatic lift. Its lipid complex combined with a pseudo-ceramid strengthens lashes to prevent breakage, while plant nectar boosts the development of keratin, reinforcing them.

Research results:
An instrumental study that used before-and-after photos to measure lashes upon makeup application found the following increases:
- +53% in volume
- +111% in curl

Clinical studies on 31 subjects observing naked lashes after four weeks of daily application yielded the following increases:
- +31% in volume
- +33% in curl
Size 0.4 oz/ 11 mL · ITEM 1711647
COLOR: Jumbo Jet [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Goes on very well...I would buy again...The navy and teal colors are so beautiful....I chose this mascara in the Bodacious Black Honey shade after reading that maroon was a good mascara color for blue eyes, and I love it....I chose this mascara in the Bodacious Black Honey shade after reading that maroon was a good mascara color for blue eyes, and I love it
What it is:
A lasting, lash-volumizing mascara that lusciously plumps up lashes without weighing them down.

What it does:
Clinique’s lightweight, Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara coats lashes from root to tip for immense volume, and it doesn't clump, flake, or smudge. Featuring an oversized volumizing brush, it transforms lashes from fine and faint to gorgeous and bold. Pigment-enhancing ingredients create rich, intense colors so that it’s easily buildable to achieve the look you want.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is ophthalmologist-tested, allergy-tested, and free of SLS, mineral oil, alcohol, gluten, and fragrance.
Size 0.17 oz/ 5 mL · ITEM 1613884
COLOR: Dark Brown [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

easy to take off...I had no flaking...Just happened with my navy blue NEW tube....I love the muted tone of this blue....Only thing I don't like about this mascara is that is does not curl my lashes, so though my eyelashes have more definition than they would if they were nude, this mascara does not make my eyes look as good as the cheaper, flakier mascara that runs :)
What it is:
An innovative, water-resistant mascara with tube technology for maximum hold.

What it does:
Blinc Mascara is the original tube technology mascara. It's invented to form tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes for maximum amplification and hold, rather than painting them like conventional mascaras. Once applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and don't run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

What else you need to know:
This mascara adds both volume and length to give you a radiant natural look that lasts all day. Neither water nor pressure alone will remove Blinc Mascara. Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure (no need for harsh makeup removers) will slide the tiny tubes effortlessly off your lashes into your hand. Upon removal, you will actually see the tiny tubes slide into your hand.

Blinc Mascara has been clinically tested to be non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of a mascara whose look, hold, and ease of removal is without compromise.
Size 12 Weeks Supply- 0.067 oz/ 2mL · ITEM 1923275
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Very easy to use...It's easy to use...Be aware that light colored eyes can gain a dark ring in the center of the iris around the pupil if the fluid gets into the eyes often (more info on the web), but I haven't had any issues after using this for 3-4 months....Did not change my eye color (blue) or dramatically darken my lids like some of the horror stories I've heard....This item is so great but one detail I will say is please becareful alittle goes a long way I accentidenlly put to much and it irritated my eye but the item works as long as you don't put too much on the top lashes or on your lash line as long as you're careful
What it is:
A cult-favorite lash enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of longer, thicker looking lashes in four to six weeks, with full improvement in as little as three months.

What it does:
This award-winning lash enhancing serum infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to promote naturally longer, thicker-looking lashes in just four to six weeks, with full results in three months. It’s a favorite for helping to enhance short or thinning lashes, and it’s also ideal for restoring the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes.

GrandeLASH-MD is available in a three-month supply as well as a six-week starter supply. The six-week starter supply will yield initial results. To see full results, continue to use the formula for a full three months.

What else you need to know:
This product is ophthalmologist-tested and approved, and cruelty-free. It is safe to use with eyelash extensions and can help promote a longer lasting bond life.

Please note: to receive the full treatment, be sure to finish the entire tube (a three-month supply) within a three month time period.

Research results:
In a consumer perception study after 12 weeks:
- 100% reported GrandeLASH-MD was easy to use
- 97% reported more visible lashes
- 94% reported healthier looking lashes
- 91% reported longer looking lashes