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Size 5 x 0.07 oz/ 1.98 g · ITEM 873455
COLOR: No. 2 [ 2 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

LOVE's ok...5 Camouflage Cream Palette Color Correct & Concea...I've seen several good reviews about this product but it just doesn't work that perfectly for me.I bought the medium one and even though the tones seem to work on the rest of my face, when I apply the product under my eyes it just doesn't work.The whole thing starts pulling my eyeliner down and I look like a clown after a couple of hours.As I said maybe I'm doing something wrong or putting too much product,but I don't find it that fabulous !
What it is:
A pro’s ultimate cream palette that color corrects, conceals, and contours the complexion.

What it does:
This multi-use cream palette is ideal for color correcting discoloration, concealing dark under-eye circles and spot imperfections, or, just use it to highlight and sculpt your features.Camouflage cream provides full coverage with an easy to blend, lightweight and creamy texture. Each palette contains 5 shade combinations with an assortment of color correctors and concealers. This creamy formula is buildable so you can layer multiple shades to customize your make up result. Available in 5 shade harmonies to target every skin tone, choose your perfect palette for a flawless, even complexion.

This set contains:
- 5 x 0.07 oz/ 1.9 g 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Color Correct & Concealer

What else you need to know:
Choose the perfect palette for you:
#1: Light-to-medium skintones with redness concerns; features #11, #13, #14, #15, #17
#2: Light skintones with sallowness concerns; features #11, #12, #13, #14, #18
#3: Medium-to-tan skintones with dark circle and dark spots concerns; features #11, #13, #14, #15, #19
#4: Tan-to-dark skintones with dark circle and dark spots concerns; features #21, #22, #16, #23, #20
#5: Pro palette for color correcting most skintones; features #13, #16, #17, #18, #20

Color Correctors:
Green: Neutralizes redness
Purple: Neutralizes sallowness
Orange: Neutralizes blueness
Red: Neutralizes ashiness/greyness
ITEM 2044352
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Love it!...Best used with Laura Mercier's Camouflage Concealer....Love this brush... its made of high-quality synethic material and puts up with everday wear and tear... Just remember when using secret camouflage, put a small amount on the tips of the bristles, and then warm up the product with a back and forth motion on the back of your hand!!!
What it is:
A makeup artist brush for expert application.

What it does:
This brush is uniquely designed with flat bristles that are angled to a point. It’s the perfect tool for Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer. The pointed tip allows for precise placement in the tiniest areas—shadows, corners of eyes, tiny scars, and blemishes. The flatter, wider surface at the base is ideal for larger areas—ruddy cheeks, patches of broken capillaries, sun spots, and other areas of discoloration.

What else you need to know:
This product is made with high-quality synthetic fiber.

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.
Size 0.26 oz/ 7.3 g · ITEM 1307370
COLOR: SC-1 [ 7 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

love it!...I do start out with my regular facial products, but right before I use the Camouflage, I apply a non-oily primer and it works perfectly....I'm nearing 30 but still prefer a glow to my skin, so of course don't use foundation and like a nice toner and moisturizer beforehand, but really with this it's all I need, and will be using it alone instead of purchasing a tinted moisturizer since it covers so well.
What it is:
A two-shade concealer that can be color-customized to address your tone and imperfections.

What it does:
A beauty editor and makeup artist favorite, this customizable concealer naturally and completely covers dark circles, blemishes, scars, minor imperfections, and discolorations with a unique two-shade system. One shade is formulated to match skin’s depth of color, while the other matches skin’s undertone. This dual-shade camouflage makes it possible for everyone to custom-blend her own perfect shade. Always apply after foundation; the high-level of pigment requires very little product to achieve perfect coverage that lasts for up to eight hours.

What else you need to know:
This dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic product is oil-free and contains soothing aloe and chamomile extracts and skin-conditioning vitamins A, C, and E. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.
Size 0.1 oz/ 2.8 g · ITEM 1951425
COLOR: 1 [ 5 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

love it...its good...Camouflages well and very smooth feeling....It applies and blends out like a dream but I notice a good amount of creasing and fading of this under the eyes after a few hours!
What it is:
An original, full-coverage, matte concealer.

What it does:
This full coverage cream concealer covers everything from heavy-duty dark circles to blemishes and discoloration. It helps you hide imperfections while leaving a matte finish that lasts.

Beauty tip:
To perfect the complexion, apply with a brush as a spot concealer to cover the most stubborn imperfections.
ITEM 1151109
COLOR: CN 20 Fair [ 54 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

not bad...Oh wow!...nice camouflage...Just a tiny amount of this foundation straight out of the bottle worked great around my eyes and nose as a concealer (it has great coverage).
✔ Medium

✔ Natural

What it is:
A dermatologist-developed liquid foundation that immediately brightens and evens out the skintone with naturally luminous minerals.

What it does:
Wear this oil-free Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, you will see improved clarity, a more even skintone, and visibly diminished age spots. These results can be witnessed by all ethnicities in just 4 to 6 weeks. The long-wearing formula provides moderate-to-full coverage and also helps prevent new discolorations with SPF-plus antioxidants.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
For continued benefits that last even after you take it off, pair this product with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (sold separately).

This product is free of oil, SLS, talc, mineral oil, alcohol, gluten, and fragrance.