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Size 0.019 oz/ 0.55 mL · ITEM 1177567
COLOR: Trooper [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

IT'S OK...Love it...It gives the most precise line I've yet to find in the world of liquid liners (and I'm a liquid liner addict, so I like to think I know what's up in that area :) Kat's Tattoo liner gives an opaque matte black line in a single pass -- no 'coloring' back and forth required....The only thing I will say is that applying without eye shadow or some sort of base hasn't worked well for me - I don't know if I've particularly oily eyelids or what the deal was, but without a base the liner isn't as opaque and doesn't look as great - although it still stayed on reasonably well while looking a little less than perfect.
What it is: An award-winning, vegan, liquid eyeliner with an ultra-precise brush tip for easy application to create the iconic cat-eye, and more.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is also vegan and cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: This high-pigment, smudge-resistant formula has all-day-long wear that you can trust to stay put. Create any look imaginable on every eye shape. The brush tip delivers easy application and ultimate precision, making Tattoo Liner the perfect tool for everyone, from beginners to pros.
Size 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mL · ITEM 1221084
COLOR: Intense Black [ 8 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Love it!...I finally invest in a eye liner that works -_- I was in denial to use a product that I thought wouldn't work for such a high cost, but finally it's well worth it :) stays all day long!...The number of alternatives I tried before I realized this is the best and only eye liner for a perfect winged look!
What it is:
An easy-application, waterproof liquid liner that stays on all day and night.

What it does:
This easy-glide, quick-dry precision liner stays in place until you say when—no smudges, feathering, or running. The thin, marker-like tip is easy to use, even for the beauty beginner, and delivers any look—from a thin line to a bold, dramatic stroke. It goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day.
ITEM 1112150
COLOR: 03 Purple [ 14 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Love it...The best...This eyeliner is the BEST so far and I think I have tried them all... take that back, no I haven't but I have bought more than the average person... I used to go back to the Red Maybelline pencil that I used to fire up (not literally) then wait for it to cool off then line my eyes... I thought that was the best wayyyy back when....For the longest time I was a fan of a cheap drugstore brand eyeliner, I tried this pencil because I wanted a bold new color.
What it is:
A long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner.

What it does:
Sephora Collection's Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner delivers a decadent dose of budge-resistant color, with an easy-glide, creamy texture. Featuring a built-in sharpener and smudge tip, this liner is your all-in-one must-have for an alluring, enduring eye. From classic black to bright turquoise to a glitter purple hue, you can create the perfect daytime or nighttime look.

What else you need to know:
Pull out the sharpener to create an extremely fine tip. Apply your lovely line and customize the end result with a dash of matching eyeshadow or a touch of strategic smudging.

What else you need to know:
This product is not tested on animals.