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Size 0.019 oz/ 0.55 mL · ITEM 1585819
COLOR: Trooper [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

They're so fun to play with....So I personally use both Ink Liner AND Tattoo Liner for creating my eyeliner look because I like that Ink Liner is a lot more pigmented than the Tattoo Liner but Tattoo Liner is much more precise than the Ink Liner because of the brush tip
What it is: An ultra-rich, waterproof, felt-tipped liquid pen eyeliner for instant bold lines and extreme long wear.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: If you love felt-tip eyeliners, this liquid liner is for you. Ink Liner is loaded with the same pigmented liquid eyeliner formula as KVD Vegan Beauty’s number one award-winning Tattoo Liner with a felt tip designed for instant bold lines.
Size 0.016 oz/ 0.5 mL · ITEM 1221084
COLOR: Intense Black [ 5 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

I once also opened one of the stila liners at the same time as kvd liner and used both every day (one for each eye) just for fun and the stila became unusable in a shorter amount of time....This is really great liner for eyelids are apparently very oily and this is really the only liner that will stay on properly all day....when I say all day I do mean ALL day...This is the reason I love this only issue is that it seems to be sticky...If I do not use an eyelid base the liner will eventually stick to my crease...this being said it is an easy fix and I will be buying more of it
What it is:
An easy-application, waterproof liquid liner that stays on all day and night.

What it does:
This easy-glide, quick-dry precision liner stays in place until you say when—no smudges, feathering, or running. The thin, marker-like tip is easy to use, even for the beauty beginner, and delivers any look—from a thin line to a bold, dramatic stroke. It goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day.
ITEM 2373579
COLOR: Black [ 1 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

SO EASY AND NICE...Very easy to use...Definitely a fun product worth trying!...Impressive pencil style liner with brush tip makes it super easy for application... beginners to pros... I line my eye then I add a little bit to the lash and it bonds instantly....keeps down lashes all day and great for touchups or just to secure sides ...the clear formula is invisible and thin fluid but very Tacky ...until dry and it stays put it doesn't leave ur lashes out of shape when u take them off u can't tell like u can with thicker glues I love this
What it is: A dual-benefit, stay-all-day lash adhesive and eyeliner.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens and sulfates SLES & SLS. This product is also cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: Line and lash like a pro with Power Liner, a two-in-one eyeliner and lash adhesive. The breakthrough jet-black eyeliner doubles as an extra-tacky adhesive for quick-and-easy lash application—no touch-ups needed. The power is in your hands with this stay-all-day waterproof eyeliner that won’t smudge, flake, or budge and easily removes with no clumpy glue residue.
Size 0.01 oz/ 0.28 g · ITEM 1247691
COLOR: Lionfish [ 2 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

It lasts so long...Very easy to use...I recently decided to try some eyeliner colors that are more fun than the basic brown and black, and got Stila Smudge Stick in Moray....I got one of these liners with a pallets I got by stila and I loved but after using it for about a week the liner got stuck and I kept trying to twist it but it wouldn't work
What it is:
A color-rich, vibrant, easy-to-use liner with staying power.

What it does:
Stila’s bestselling Smudge Sticks are available in an array shades that stay—not stray—for reliable color payoff that’s second to none. They feature a cocktail of moisturizing ingredients that ensures color glides on smoothly (no tugging or pulling) and the waterproof formula won’t budge or fade.

What’s more, Smudge Sticks can be used as a classic pencil liner or a smudgy eyeshadow—simply smudge with your fingers or a brush. The color sets after you’ve had time to get your desired effect, and then stays put all day.
Size 0.01 oz/ 0.3 g · ITEM 1914134
COLOR: Hawkwind [ 14 more colors ]
exclusive· limited edition· buzzworthy· online only

Fun golden lips!...I got this thinking it would be more nude toned but when I revived it the packaging said it was the color I thought it would be but when I opened it I was confused then I used it and noticed it was really pink but I do have some lip products that do go well with this so I am not completely disappointed in this product
What it is: A lip liner that combines extreme long wear with truly weightless color that stays super comfortable all day.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens. This product is also vegan, cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: It took years to perfect this exact formula, resulting in a lip liner that stands out from the rest for its instant gratification: Every stroke delivers saturated pigment, immediate dry down, and effortless definition. The wide shade range offers a perfect match for all KVD Vegan Beauty lipsticks.