Ghost Makeup

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Get ready to embrace the ethereal beauty of Ghost Makeup. Whether you're looking to achieve a subtle, otherworldly glow or create a dramatic and haunting look, this collection has everything you need to channel your inner spirit. From luminous highlighters that will leave you shimmering like a celestial being, to smoky eyeshadows that will captivate with their mysterious allure, Halloween Eye Makeup offers a wide range of products to help you unleash your creativity and express your unique style. Get ready to step into the realm of enchantment and discover the magic of Ghost Makeup.

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Demon Makeup
“It’s more of a 1990’s brick red. For vintage makeup enthusiasts, It resembles an old Sebastian Trucco color called “blood” (red). ”
Kawaii Makeup
“The texture is wonderful, matte but soft and feel like nothing on my lips, the colour is brown with hint of gray so it'll need makeup to go with the lip color”
Vampire Makeup
“This has been a staple in my makeup collection for a while now. It has a nice glow that I love to wear with a dewier makeup look. the only con is that I have noticed some little breakouts in my skin when i wear it several days in a row”
Mummy Makeup
“Lovely on eyes, lips and cheeks too. Nice clean makeup! Made my skin glowy with sparkly finish depending on how light hits it”
Masquerade Makeup
“its not too red nor too dark. even the masquerade is amazing on me! I'm a novice in makeup too. the packaging is so cute too”
Pretty Witch Makeup
“I love using these to adjust foundations + theatrical makeup. Great price for the amount of colors, and you can recreate pretty much any color you need”
Alt Makeup
“I bought the shadows that are in the curated Iced Steel palette on the Hourglass site. The shades are: Air, Alt, Ice, Ash, and Yet. The shadows are lightly pigmented, which I like”
zombie Makeup
“Gorgeous! The shift has a gold/green/orange tone that is so perfect and looks so good contrasted with purples/browns”
Ethereal Makeup
“Will be adding this to my makeup collection”
Bat Makeup
“I am not that person who touches up makeup during the day and this stays on till I remove it with makeup remover”