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What is an Auto-Replenish subscription?

Auto-Replenish subscriptions are a great way to make sure you always have your favorite Sephora products on hand. When you sign up for subscription delivery, you will be automatically billed and receive your desired products on a cadence you choose. Shipping on Auto-Replenish orders is always free.

How do I sign up for an Auto-Replenish subscription?

Go to your desired product page and select the option for Auto-Replenish before adding the product to your cart. You can add as many Auto-Replenish items to your cart as you'd like. You may update delivery cadence and product quantity on the product page or in your basket.

What happens if my address changes?

You will need to cancel your current subscription and begin a new subscription to be shipped to your new address.

How do I make changes to my Auto-Replenish subscription?

You can update your subscription preferences anytime, in any of the following ways:

Prior to checkout, you can update your delivery cadence and quantity preferences on the specific product page or in your basket. Once you've begun an Auto-Replenish subscription, you can update preferences, such as delivery cadence, product quantity, and more. These changes can be made in your Auto-Replenish Subscription Hub, located under your profile. Download the Sephora app for the easiest, fastest access to your subscription hub.

You will receive an email reminder 3 days prior to your upcoming Auto-Replenish shipment, with a timeframe in which you can make updates to your order.

Have more questions?

Visit our Customer Service Page for more information.

^^Terms and conditions apply. Acknowledgement of the Auto-Replenish Terms & Conditions at checkout is required for the subscription. The subscription continues until canceled. Subscription can be canceled at any time through the Auto-Replenish page in your Beauty Insider account. For terms and conditions, please visit ¶Terms apply.