What does citrus smell like?

  • Refreshing, sparkling, zesty, energetic

  • Fruity notes blend together to create bright and carefree scents

What type of smell is citrus?

  • Citrus is in the Fresh fragrance family

What is citrus and where does it come from?

  • The citrus category includes a wide variety of globally sourced fruits: lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu lemon, blood orange, clementine, and more

Tips & Tricks

What does citrus layer well with?

  • For an extra-juicy scent: Pair with fruity or berry notes

  • For a richer and warmer scent: Pair with spicy or woody notes

  • For a softer, more feminine scent: Pair with rose, jasmine, or other florals

How to make your fragrance last:

  • Fragrance lasts longer on hydrated skin—try spritzing post-shower or after applying moisturizer

  • Spray pulse points to make your scent last longer: wrists, neck, behind ears, ankles, and calves

  • Keep a mini fragrance in your bag for an afternoon pick-me-up

  • Keep your scents in top condition by storing bottles in a cool, dry place

Find your perfect concentration: The concentration of a perfume is the percentage of pure fragrance oil to ethanol and stabilizing ingredients, which determines how long it will last.

  • Pure perfume: At 20+ percent perfume oil, this is the most potent concentration

  • Eau de parfum (EDP): At 15 to 20 percent perfume oil, this popular choice allows you to switch up your scent from day to night

  • Eau de toilette (EDT): At 10 to 15 percent perfume oil, this concentration can be applied throughout the day