How to Apply Your Foundation

Global Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono shows us how to apply foundation effortlessly.

1. Prep the skin with your normal skincare routine beforehand.

2. Start with three pumps of primer in the palm of your hand. Use the fingertips or a foundation brush to apply. Start to apply from the center of the face and blend outwards.

3. Next, shake your foundation bottle or tube well before placing two pumps of foundation on a palette or on the back of your hand. Less is more, so start with a small amount of foundation. Apply by tapping or dotting the foundation, starting in the center of the face and blending outwards in half circle swirling motions.

Pro Tip: For areas that need more coverage, you can tap over them with more foundation to layer more. For areas that need less coverage, use a swiping motion to sheer and buff out the foundation.

4. For an undetectable finish, take a damp, clean makeup sponge and press all over the skin on the outer edges of the face to melt any foundation into the skin and give a skin-like texture.