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Aerin Perfume

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Find your new signature fragrance with AERIN’s line of luxury scents. Browse classic eau de parfums, incredibly portable options, and other must-haves.

Does Sephora carry AERIN?

We carry many different AERIN fragrances at Sephora. Take your pick from summer-inspired blends, extra sensual formulas, classic scents, and fresh vibrant picks, among others. As a bonus, the bottles feature pretty designs that will instantly complement your space.

Looking to take your favorite fragrances with you on the road? We’ve got you covered with AERIN’s collection of mini travel sprays.

What are AERIN's best-selling perfumes?

AERIN’s best-selling Amber Musk fragrance is filled with warm and cozy vibes.

Ikat Jasmine is another favorite, and this fresh floral scent offers a blend of effortless appeal and modern flair.

Craving a vacation by the shore? Check out the ever-popular Mediterranean Honeysuckle, which will instantly transport you to the coast.

What does AERIN Amber Musk smell like?

Amber Musk has a warm and spicy scent. Florals, amber, and creamy musk create a seductive feel, while rose centifolia absolute adds a splash of femininity.

What does AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle smell like?

Mediterranean Honeysuckle is a fruity floral scent with Italian bergamot, honeysuckle, and grapefruit notes.

What does AERIN Rose de Grasse smell like?

Rose De Grasse is a layerable floral fragrance with a timeless finish.

What does AERIN Ikat Jasmine smell like?

Ikat Jasmine’s scent is fresh and floral. The tuberose fleur, jasmine Egypt infusion, and honeysuckle notes work together to unleash a rich and velvety aroma.