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Step your scent game with Kayali’s line of luxury fragrances. Take your pick from perfumes, rollerballs, gift sets, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry Kayali?

At Sephora, we have so many Kayali fragrances to choose from. Discover feminine florals, fruity citrus picks, warm and sheer options, spicy blends, and everything in between.

Getting ready for vacation? Check out Kayali’s mini solutions. Complete with the cutest glass designs, the perfume sets will fit perfectly in your travel bag. They’re ideal for easy touch-ups; simply apply the double rollerballs to your pulse points. For longer and stronger results, go for the Kayali travel sprays.

To add a flawless finishing touch to your hair, the Kayali hair mist is a must. You can also use it to refresh your strands whenever needed.

What are Kayali's best-selling fragrances?

VANILLA 28 is a Kayali top-seller that delivers a combination of sweet and warm.

EDEN JUICY APPLE 01 is another fan favorite. Featuring a vibrant mix of red apple, wild berries, and jasmine, this scent is packed with playful appeal.

MUSK 12 is a popular pick with| an enchanting scent that radiates confidence.

What does Kayali Vanilla 28 smell like?

Kayali VANILLA 28 is a warm and sweet scent with a blend of vanilla orchid, tonka, and amber woods notes.

What does Kayali Elixir smell like?

ELIXIR 11 has a romantic, warm, and floral aroma with a splash of depth.

What does Kayali Musk smell like?

Kayali MUSK 12 is a warm and sheer scent with jasmine, musk, and sandalwood notes.

What does Kayali Citrus smell like?

CITRUS 08 offers a mix of fresh and floral notes including bergamot, pink grapefruit, and rose centifolia.