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Add a bit more luxury to your fragrance lineup with KILIAN Paris. Featuring unique formulas with sophisticated appeal, KILIAN has eau de parfums, travel sprays, mini sets, and so much more to explore.

Does Sephora carry KILIAN Paris?

You can find many KILIAN Paris fragrances at Sephora. When it comes to perfumes for women, our roundup is stacked with floral, fresh, and warm and spicy blends you’re going to love. Shopping for men? Check out KILIAN’s colognes, which include a bit of everything from earthy green aromas to woody spiced options.

You can also celebrate a loved one with a KILIAN Paris perfume gift set. The mini eau de parfums feature head-turning packaging for a truly memorable experience, while the discovery kits offer a way to test out different scents before committing to a full-size. Prepping for vacation? KILIAN’s travel sprays offer seamless touch-ups from anywhere.

What are Kilian Paris' best-selling fragrances?

The best-selling KILIAN Paris Love, Don’t Be Shy Eau de Parfum is filled with romantic vibes. Marshmallow sugar accord creates the perfect amount of sweetness, while warm amber adds a sensual twist. As a bonus, the cutting-edge bottle allows for easy refills, so you can steer clear of spillage.

The Princess Eau de Parfum is another favorite that won’t disappoint, thanks to its flirtatious and free-spirited aura.

What does KILIAN Love Don't Be Shy smell like?

Love, Don’t Be Shy is a warm floral fragrance with orange blossom, vanilla absolute, and marshmallow notes.

What does KILIAN Princess smell like?

The KILIAN Princess Eau de Parfum has a warm and spicy scent. Ginger, green tea, and marshmallow notes give the fragrance a splash of sass.