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Find your new signature scent in flash with Marc Jacobs’ line of luxury fragrances. Browse high-quality perfumes, gift sets, mini options, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry Marc Jacobs?

Sephora sells various Marc Jacobs fragrances. Shopping for perfume? We have timeless everyday options, super romantic picks, extra intense blends, and more.

Aiming to stock up on Marc Jacobs fragrances or find the best presents for your loved ones? Explore our value & gift sets. And if you want to enjoy seamless touch-ups from wherever, take a look at our roundup of rollerballs and travel sprays.

What are Marc Jacobs best-selling fragrances?

Daisy is the most-loved line from Marc Jacobs Fragrances.

Which Marc Jacobs perfume is the most popular?

Complete with luscious strawberry, violet, and jasmine notes, Daisy is a floral scent that offers charming appeal and a subtly sensual finish.

What's the difference between Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh?

Serving as a more playful version of the cult classic, Daisy Eau So Fresh differentiates itself with a bold and vibrant floral scent featuring raspberry, rose, and plum notes.

What does Marc Jacobs Daisy Love smell like?

Featuring cloudberries, cashmere musks, and more intriguing notes, Daisy Love is a warm floral fragrance that makes an impression.

What does Perfect by Marc Jacobs smell like?

Offering a unique combination of florals and calming ingredients, the Perfect Eau de Parfum delivers a modern and feminine finish.

What does Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream smell like?

Made with a mix of blackberry, jasmine, and white woods notes, Daisy Dream is a light fruity floral fragrance with easygoing energy.