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Boost your confidence with PATRICK TA’s collection of innovative makeup solutions. Browse eyeshadow palettes, blush, lipsticks, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry PATRICK TA?

PATRICK TA is exclusive to Sephora. From mascara to bronzers, Sephora has it all and carries makeup for everyone. Looking to enjoy a more seamless application? Check out PATRICK TA’s roundup of brushes. Discover all the best picks for perfecting your brows, lips, contour, and more.

What are PATRICK TA's best-selling products?

With the help of its cutting-edge formula, the best-selling PATRICK TA Major Brow Shaping Wax is a must for rocking a fuller feathered finish. If you want to skip the salon, but still get the look of perfectly laminated eyebrows, look no further than the Major Brow Lamination Gel.

Designed to create a multidimensional pop of color, the Major Beauty Headlines - Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush is another popular pick.

PATRICK TA’s Major Sculpt Creme Contour & Powder Bronzer Duo makes it easy to accentuate your best features. The lighter creme shade offers reliable shaping and defining action, while the talc-free powder creates a gorgeous dash of warmth.

With its incredibly lovely scent, the PATRICK TA Major Glow Body Oil is a favorite for moisturizing and illuminating the skin.

Both the Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette and the Major Dimension II Rose Eyeshadow Palette/product/patrick-ta-major-dimension-2-rose-eyeshadow-palette-P483484 are best-sellers for good reason. With 2 cream bases and a mix of matte, satin, and metallic shades, both palettes allow for ultimate versatility and the ability to create a wide range of eyeshadow looks.

How do you use PATRICK TA Brow Wax?

Activate the brow wax with a setting mist or water. Using a spoolie or brush, pick up a small amount of wax. Brush through brows with an upward and outward motion. Shape based on your desired look.

What does PATRICK TA body oil smell like?

PATRICK TA Major Glow Body Oil has a sweet aroma with notes of jasmine and white musk.

How do you use PATRICK TA body oil?

Spray the body oil onto your hands or apply directly to your skin. Massage to blend. Use all over the body for a warm glow.