Upgrade your fragrance lineup in a big way with Prada’s luxury products. Take your pick from timeless perfumes, scents for men, travel-ready minis, and so much more.

Does Sephora carry Prada perfume and cologne?

Sephora sells a wide variety of Prada perfumes and colognes. When it comes to scents for women, we have a diverse selection of eau de toilettes and eau de parfums that will suit every preference. Browse powdery florals, warm and sweet gourmand picks, and everything in between.

As for men’s fragrances, our roundup of Prada colognes won’t disappoint. From earthy green aromas to warm woodsy blends, there are so many ways to make an impression.

What are Prada's best-selling fragrances?

CANDY Eau de Parfum is a Prada best-seller thanks to its white musks, benzoin, and caramel accord notes. They all work together to create an exhilarating finish that’s sure to turn heads. Made to match the fragrance’s unexpected appeal, the bottle also displays a fun blend of colors.

The Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette is another beloved scent. This woody and aquatic fragrance features a unique combination of bergamot, vetiver, and iris to give off the perfect amount of sophistication and sensuality. It’s a fantastic choice for layering with other products, too.

What does Prada Luna Rossa smell like?

Prada Luna Rossa is a fresh and energetic fragrance with orange, lavender, sage, spearmint, and more addictive notes.

What does Prada Paradoxe smell like?

Complete with neroli bud, white amber, and white musk notes, Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum has a floral and feminine scent.