Visionary designs and revolutionary concepts captured in original fragrance collections.


Candy Gloss
Prada Candy Gloss Perfume

Juicy, sparkling, and intensely joyful. Prada Candy Gloss is a sensual sorbet that's sweet as cherry and solar as the orange blossom.

Prada Candy
Prada Candy Perfume

An explosion of pink and gold uncover the wild side of soft femininity–where excess reigns supreme. White musks and noble benzoin melt together with modern caramel accord to capture a moment of pure pleasure.

Candy Florale
Prada Candy Florale Perfume

A bouquet of pure white cosmos transforms into a fantasy floral bursting with life and sensuality. Its lush blossom contains an up lifting mix of flowery notes, embodying the many facets of Candy's character.

Candy Kiss
Prada Candy Kiss Perfume

Michievous, a little flirtatious, and always dazzling. Candy's new personality blooms into a beauty that's just a little bit magical. Its light airiness sparkles with powdery notes and the warmth of sensual honey.

Behind the Brand
A Prada fashion show is always a revelation, an utterly unique collection, composed of seemingly contradictory elements, designed to provoke a vivid reaction, at once intellectual and emotional. A Prada perfume is the manifestation of that singular metho


A Prada fashion show is a revelation, composed of contradictory elements at once intellectual and emotional. Prada perfume is also a manifestation of that approach: Start with an idea, a technique, or an exquisite ingredient–then turn it over, play it backward, break it into pieces, mix it with something unexpected. The result is a unique sensorial experience as well as an exploration of contempoary beauty, fashion, and luxury.