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Give your skincare routine an extra boost with SK-II’s line of game-changing products. Browse must-have cleansers, treatments, masks, and so much more from this Japanese-based brand.

Does Sephora carry SK-II?

You can find plenty of SK-II skincare solutions at Sephora. On the hunt for a new moisturizer? We carry high-quality SK-II creams that help zero in on your aging concerns, as well as mists & essences that tackle pore issues, dark spots, dry skin, and everything in between. Be sure to also check out our roundup of SK-II trial kits—they serve as the perfect gift for a friend.

What are SK-II's best-selling products?

Filled with micronutrients, the Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera Essence) is SK-II’s best-selling product. Suitable for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin types, the formula works to soften your complexion, minimize the look of fine lines, and promote a serious boost of radiance. The formula also feels super lightweight on your skin, and it even comes in a mini size for easy portability.

What does SK-II Facial Treatment Essence do?

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera Essence) is designed to address dullness, unevenness, dark spots, and pores.

How do you use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

Dispense about two to three quarter-size amounts of the Facial Treatment Essence into your hand. Press your palms together to wet hands. Carefully smooth the formula across your face and neck for one minute, making sure to apply evenly. Keep patting the essence in until it’s fully absorbed.

We recommend that you aim to use the SK-II Facial Treatment twice a day after cleanser and toner, and before applying serum or moisturizer.