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Feel great about your fragrance selections with Skylar’s clean and cruelty-free formulas. Explore perfumes, rollerballs, gift sets, and more products designed to be safe for sensitive skin. \n\n

\n\nDoes Sephora carry Skylar?\n\nYou can find many Skylar [fragrances at Sephora including fresh, warm & spicy, and woody blends. Featuring addictive aromas that will instantly remind you of your favorite places, the beautiful bottles will also look super elegant in your space. If you’re going for a stronger scent that lasts, make sure to apply Skylar perfumes to the creases of your elbows and knees. \n\nEasily bring your go-to fragrances on the move with Skylar’s mini products. You can also try out different formulas with a discovery set. And if you’re shopping for a friend, the eau de parfum and rollerball duos are a must. \n\n

\n\nWhat are Skylar's best selling fragrances?\n\nThe Coconut Cove Eau de Parfum is one of Skylar’s top-selling fragrances. Complete with a combination of bergamot, coconut, and ambrox notes, this fresh solar scent delivers tropical island energy. The addition of jasmine and gardenia create a mesmerizing yet calming feel with subtle sensuality. \n\nThe Skylar Vanilla Sky Eau de Parfum is a popular choice, too. This warm & sweet gourmand fragrance features delectable cappuccino and rich vanilla for a comforting feel. The caramelized cedar notes also add a splash of golden hour vibes. \n\n

\n\nIs Skylar clean?\n\nSkylar is a Clean at Sephora beauty brand, which means all formulas exclude potentially toxic ingredients. Skylar’s products are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. \n\n

\n\nIs Skylar cruelty free?\n\nSkylar is cruelty free and does not conduct any animal testing or sell products in areas that require it by law."}]