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Get ready to transform your hair with Vegamour’s roundup of game-changing products, including serums, supplements, scalp treatments, and shampoos.

Does Sephora carry Vegamour?

We sell many Vegamour hair solutions at Sephora. If you’re struggling with thinning strands, we have the best targeted shampoo & conditioner for the job. You’ll also find plenty of other treatments including dry scalp formulas, anti-gray serums, and texture-boosting foams. Searching for wellness products? Check out Vegamour’s gummies and supplement powders.

What are Vegamour's best-selling products?

The best-selling Vegamour GRO Hair Serum for Thinning Hair helps improve density and minimize signs of shedding to give you noticeably fuller-looking hair with zero residue.

The GRO Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair is another popular choice. This color-safe formula is made with vegan B-silk™ protein to protect your strands and deliver a smooth and shiny finish you’ll love.

Complete with Proprietary Karmatin™ to help address damage, the GRO Revitalizing Conditioner for Thinning Hair works to hydrate, nurture, and defend against free radicals.

Is Vegamour clean?

Yes, Vegamour is a Clean at Sephora brand.

How long does it take for Vegamour to work?

When the lash or brow serums are used as directed, you can expect results in approximately 6-8 weeks. The hair serums take about three to four months.

Does Vegamour work for eyebrows?

Yes, the GRO Volumizing Brow Serum is specifically designed to promote thicker-looking brows.

Is Vegamour clinically proven?

Yes, the GRO Hair Serum for Thinning Hair is clinically proven to work in as little as 90 days. Studies conducted over 150 days showed a 52% increase in hair density and a 76% reduction in signs of shedding.

Does Vegamour work for thinning hair?

Vegamour has several products that are made to address thinning hair.

How long does Vegamour lash serum take to work?

You can expect to see results from the Volumizing Lash Serum in four to six weeks.