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Effortlessly accentuate your eyes with Velour Lashes. Browse high-quality lash kits, strengthening serums, innovative applicators, and much more from this brand founded by Mabel Lee.

Does Sephora carry Velour Lashes?

We carry a variety of Velour Lashes makeup solutions at Sephora. When it comes to eye products, you’ll find definition-boosting brow tools and volumizing mascaras that won’t disappoint. We also have several styles of false lashes to sift through. New to the lash world? No problem! Our adhesives and applicators are here to help.

What are Velour Lashes' best-selling products?

Velour Lashes’ Effortless - No Trim - Natural Lash Collection is ideal for lash newbies because it requires zero measuring or trimming. Simply glue and go!

The Vegan Mink Luxe Lash Collection is another fan favorite. These super-lightweight lashes feature high-quality synthetic fibers and offer an authentic look you’re bound to love.

How long do Velour Lashes last?

You can wear the brand’s Effortless - No Trim lashes up to 20 times, while the magnetic version offers 30 uses.

You can wear the Velour Lashes Mink Luxe collection up to 25 times, and the Silk Lash Collection lasts for 20 uses.

Are Velour Lashes real mink?

No, the Vegan Mink Luxe lashes have an innovative fiber that imitates the matte look of mink hair, which delivers a stunning tapering effect. It’s also lighter than real mink for an extra dash of comfort.

How do you apply Velour Lashes?

Measure and trim the lashes to align with your natural lash line. Apply a thin layer of the Lash Adhesive to the band. Wait for 30 seconds and then place the lash along your lash line, making adjustments as needed. For maximum precision, use the Too Easy Lash Applicator.

Are Velour Lashes reusable?

Yes, Velour Lashes are reusable.