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Bring a little more luxury into your space with Voluspa’s hand-crafted candles and home fragrances. You’ll find must-have picks with high-quality ingredients and long-lasting scents for every preference.

Does Sephora carry Voluspa?

Sephora carries a variety of Voluspa candles and home scents. If you’re leaning toward a low-effort product, diffusers are the perfect way to deliver a constant aroma throughout your home. Plus, they work double duty as elegant decor.

Shopping for a friend or simply looking to stock up? Check out Voluspa’s value and gift sets. The lidded candle collections offer dust-free storage, while the glass sets deliver a maximum amount of glow.

What are Voluspa's best selling products?

Voluspa’s French Cade & Lavender Glass Jar Candle is a top-seller you’re bound to love. Featuring a lovely blend of lavender and lemon verbena, this candle invokes the calming experience of a breezy summer day.

How long do Voluspa diffusers last?

Voluspa diffusers are designed to last for approximately four to six months.

What does Voluspa Baltic Amber smell like?

Voluspa’s Baltic Amber Glass Candle is a warm woodsy fragrance. Notes of amber resin, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid offer a golden-hour vibe with a sensual twist.

How do you use a Voluspa diffuser?

To use a Voluspa diffuser, simply remove the stopper and place the reeds into the fragrance oil. For best results, let the reeds absorb for one to two days before flipping. Gently flip the reeds on a weekly basis.

What kind of wax does Voluspa use?

Voluspa was one of the first companies to use a proprietary coconut wax blend for candles, which is designed to provide a cleaner burn.