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When it comes to makeup, having the right tools is essential. Makeup brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from a range of materials. One type of makeup brush that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the black makeup brush. These brushes are often crafted from synthetic fibers, making them ideal for applying liquid- or cream-based products. Here are our favorites.


I've only ever used angled brushes to apply gel eyeliner since I was 15 (now 30), so I was skeptical at how well this brush would work. ...It is my one of my favorite brushes....Amazed at how great this brush is

What it is:
A tapered liner brush for creating precise eyeliner looks along the lash and water lines.

What it does:
The synthetic tapered bristles of this precise brush lay color down smoothly and easily for the perfect application every time.


This brush is INCREDIBLE. I’m so sad that I didn’t try the MUFE brushes before, they seem to be phasing them out. ...MUFE brushes are simply the best. This powder brush is so luxurious on the face.

What it is:
A large, dome-shaped brush for quick, lightweight powder application.

What it does:
This soft, round, luxurious brush is used to apply light powder coverage to a large area. Best used in sweeping strokes, it features wavy fibers and is ideal for applying compact or loose powders to the face and body.

What else you need to know:
After five years in development with makeup artists and fiber experts, MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brushes are a revolution in brush craftsmanship.


This brush is easy to apply powder with and I really love how it applies my makeup. ...I love how this brush is so soft yet fluffy. This brush has quickly become my favorite new brush as it applies powder so gently and flawlessly without disturbing my makeup underneath it.

What it is: A rounded powder brush that precisely applies powder foundation and finishing and setting powders.

What Else You Need to Know: This precision powder brush was designed for targeted application to blend and build coverage. The rounded brush tip perfectly sculpts and shapes the features of the face. The bristles evenly apply powder formulas and help you effortlessly achieve the flawless finish you desire.

PRO Brush Collection, thirty brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire.


BEST BRUSH EVER for gel eyeliner!!!...It does get stiff if not cleaned but I clean my brushes, especially eye makeup brushes, weekly and have no problems with stiffness at all. ...A Wonderful Liner Brush!...I love all of Sephoras brushes! They all fit well in my collection of brushes!

What it is: An ultra-thin, angled liner brush with a firm, tapered point for precise and polished lining of the eyes.

What Else You Need to Know: The short, firmly angled bristles of this brush allow for a precise and even glide when defining eyes. This brush can be used to achieve a variety of liner looks from the most natural to dramatic. It’s ideal for cream, liquid, and powder formulas.

PRO Brush Collection, thirty brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire. This brush and its holder have been developed responsibly.


Brushity Brush....I found this brush OK, but there was definitely nothing wrong with it; I DID find cheaper brow brushes that worked better, but I find this one useful as well. ...Best Brush...This Brush and the #12 brush are the best brushes to use on your eyebrows.

The optimal slant for precision brow shaping. Quality crafted from pure sable with a multi-lacquered wooden handle.


I'm pretty new to Morphe brushes, this being my second brush. I'm happy with this purchase. ...I have not used it to apply eyeliner yet but I’m sure it would be great for people who are used to applying gel eyeliner with brushes (I’m just an ameture but love makeup). I’ll be stocking up on it :)

What it is: An angle brush designed to create clean brows and sharp lines.

What Else You Need to Know: Keep it sculpted naturally with a brush that knows a thing or two about clean brows and sharp liner looks.


I came here to do justice for this brush. I don’t understand all the negative reviews, like this brush hurts people. ...The only precision blush brush for this artist....I took a chance when I began my career as a makeup artist and purchased this exact blush brush.

What it is: A fluffy, dome-shaped kabuki brush with multiple uses.

What Else You Need to Know: Form meets function with Yachiyo Kabuki Brush. Its fluffy, gently tapered, spiral-dome head is used to define cheekbones and highlight, blend, and diffuse color on the face and eyes. Its hand-spun, black wisteria handle showcases its unique character.


Since buying these brushes my makeup routine has improved grossly!! No little brush hairs on my face.. the foundation brush saves so much product I'm shocked. ...The brushes with black bristles are amazing but the brushes with white bristles are just okay.

What it is: A five-piece collection with everything you need for complexion perfection.

What Else You Need to Know: Filters? Don’t need ’em—this set has what you need to create a perfect complexion, including: the Pro Flat Buffer Brush, a dense buffer brush that goes all out with smooth, even foundation application; the Powder Fluff Brush, a pointed powder brush for a clean sweep wherever you need it; the Precision Powder Brush, a pointed brush for crazy-good finish and a flawless blend; the Deluxe Angle Brush, an angled brush to bring on the blush; and the Highlight Definer Brush, a precise highlight brush to swipe that glow wherever it needs to go.

This Set Contains:
- Pro Flat Buffer Brush (synthetic)


Whatever you do, Don’t sleep on Sephora’ s pro makeup brush line. All the brushes are absolutely amazing. ...I love Sephora brand products! I love this shadow brush. It applies my makeup so smoothly. I love the look of the brushes and love love how they are numbered because I’d you are like me sometimes you forget what brush is for what

What it is: A short, domed, and densely packed eyeshadow brush ideal for smudging or applying shadow to outer corners to create shape and define eyes.

What Else You Need to Know: Create a high-impact look by using this brush to manipulate both shadow and eyeliner along the lash line. The densely packed brush head expertly lays down shadow for strong pay off, and the domed shaped of the brush allows for diffusing pigment onto the lash line and into the outer corners with ease. It’s perfect for any eye shape and size.

PRO Brush Collection, thirty brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire.


I can always depend on Sephora’s makeup brushes! This eyeshadow brush has soft bristles and packs up my eyeshadows nicely. ...My favorite makeup brushes...I’ve tried so many makeup brushes in the past and I always find myself going back the the Seohora Collection brushes, they last me a life time, dont she’d and are incredibly soft.

What it is: A lightweight and rounded crease brush with fluffy bristles ideal for blending and diffusing out shadow at the crease.

What Else You Need to Know: The long, soft-sheared bristles provide a seamless wash of color. The synthetic bristles pick up powder or cream shadow with ease while the rounded brush shape expertly blends and diffuses shadow. This brush is ideal for contouring and shading large or pronounced brow bones or a large crease area. It's also perfect for all-over blending or diffusing of shadow.

The PRO Brush Collection is made up of 30 brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you

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