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Cologne has been used for centuries as a way to perfume the body and give it a subtle fragrance. It is also used to mask unwanted odors and as a way to refresh the smell of one's clothing. Here are some of our favorites.

VersaceEros Pour Homme Eau de Parfum

Size: 1.7 oz / 50 mL·ITEM: 2705366

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 1.7 oz / 50 mL eau de parfum spray

31 Reviews


I usually wear it in the office....Not my favorite cologne but definitely a good one. I think you could wear this all year because it is very citrusy, which lends itself to summer, but it also has that cool spicy element that would make it work for winter.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Cool Spices

Key Notes: Mint Leaves, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Madagascar

Fragrance Description: This scent contains a deep woody accord, cedar, vetiver, and patchouli—all rekindled by the radiant, energetic light of the quintessentially Italian lemon and mandarin paring and enlivened by a unique note of candied apple. The final note of decadent vanilla dares to flirt with leather.

About the Bottle: The dominant color of Eros is blue, a bold, masculine shade, a clear reference to the Mediterranean and its lifestyle, but also a contemporary take on Greco-Roman art and culture.

Armani BeautyArmani Code Eau de Toilette

Size: 5.07 oz / 150 mL·ITEM: 2679868

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 5.07 oz / 150 mL eau de toilette spray

25 Reviews


Definitely will buy a bottle when I get through all the other colognes on my bathroom countertop....It's perfectly nice to wear for office, casual situations, or nights out. Aside from the scent, though, there was one other issue: the longevity.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Citrus & Woods

Key Notes: Green Mandarin, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood

Fragrance Description: This men’s fragrance opens with bright citrus notes vibrating with green mandarin from Italy. The lavandin heart lends a modern and magnetic facet, while a base of warm tonka bean absolute and cedarwood leaves an intense yet comforting trail.

About the Bottle: The refillable bottle is both striking in design and crafted to last.

About the Fragrance: This woody scent captures the seductive and sensitive masculinity of the contemporary man. It looks to the future with sustainably sourced ingredients and a bottle that is refillable and designed to last.

HERMÈSTerre d'Hermès Eau Givrée Eau de Parfum

Size: 3.4 oz / 100 mL·ITEM: 2545499

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 3.4 oz / 100 mL

48 Reviews


The scent seems better suited for a night out on the town rather than everyday in the office. It has a deep scent profile with multiple layers every time you breathe it in....It reminds me of three horses which is another go to perfume. While others in my office offered mixed reviews it appears that it repells my less desirable coworkers.. so I'll consider this a bonus!

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Cool Spices

Key Notes: Juniper, Cedrat, Timur Pepper

Fragrance Description: Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée encapsulates two opposites in one bottle: an icy tremor and generous power. The Eau de Parfum combines the intensity of citron, the sharp freshness of juniper berry, and the power of Timut pepper.

About the Bottle: This bottle is refillable and sustainable and combines glass with aluminum, two fully recyclable materials. As if cut from ice, the object is sleek and translucent; frosted glass and brushed aluminum suggest the idea of frost covering the earth. The H on its base is a subtle reference to the ancestry of a now-cult object.

About the


Size: 1.6 oz/ 50 mL·ITEM: 790295

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 1.6 oz/ 50 mL

99 Reviews


I usually love rich, deep, gourmand fragrances but this is a perfect for-the-office fragrance! He occasionally wears it on date night (but often switches to Elizabeth and James Bourbon for date night). ...I was very please with the cologne...smells great for both day and evenings...won't be overbearing as some colognes tend to be.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Bergamot, Green Mandarin, Ginger Accord, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Tonka Beans, Oriental Woods Accords, Gray Musk

Fragrance Description: A fresh, oriental scent inspired by the British man. It is a sharp, woody cologne, warm and spicy with notes of ginger blended with cedar wood and tonka bean.

About the Bottle: This iconic Brit glass bottle design is instantly recognizable with the Brit check applied onto the transparent glass. It was designed by Fabien Baron.

About the Fragrance: The spirit of Burberry Brit for Men is free-spirited and laid-back, with a confidence that comes from authenticity and effortless style.

DiorEau Sauvage

Size: 1.7 oz/ 50 mL·ITEM: 83295

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 1.7 oz/ 50 mL

77 Reviews


Smells like an old school barbers office. very clean...Thanks and bravo to Dior for their consistancy in this cologne.

Lucid and willful, Eau Sauvage is the perfume of the cult of elegance, refinement, and good humor. With the zest of citrus fruits for freshness, an invigorating bouquet of herbs, a hint of jasmine and vetiver for the sensual touch, and oakmoss to conquer and seduce, it will remain a fresh, discreet classic.

Lemon, Rosemary, Petit Grain, Basil, Water Jasmine, Vetiver.
The all-time classic a subtle statement for men of style.

Marc Jacobs FragrancesPerfect Eau de Toilette

Size: 3.4 oz / 100 mL·ITEM: 2644896

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 3.4 oz / 100 mL eau de toilette spray

371 Reviews


Doesn’t last long, and is more like a body spray in my opinion. This could work for someone that is comfortable with reapplying throughout the day, or works in an office that has a policy for strong scents. ...It’s a great day to night, office to date kind of perfume. My only gripe is that the smell didn’t last too long on my skin.

Fragrance Family: Florals

Scent Type: Fruity Florals

Key Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Polygonum, Cedarwood

Fragrance Description: Experience Perfect Eau de Toilette, an uplifting and joyful fragrance from Marc Jacobs. A companion to Perfect Eau de Parfum and Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum, this luminous, floral scent celebrates the power of being true to yourself.

HERMÈSTerre d’Hermès Pure Perfume

Size: 2.5 oz/ 74 mL·ITEM: 1231869

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 2.5 oz/ 74 mL Pure Perfume Spray

115 Reviews


My wife enjoys when I wear it. I found it works in an office setting or even for date night. ...Earthy notes of vetiver provide a lovely balance to the citrus fragrance. The scent works well for nearly any occasion, and my boyfriend found that the cologne is excellent for daily wear at the office.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Classic Woods

Key Notes: Benzoin, Cedar, Shiso

Fragrance Description: The warmth and density of wood combine with the softness of benzoin and the sparkle of shiso.

About the Fragrance: Terre d’Hermès narrates the relationship between man and earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with the elements and nature. Terre d‘Hermès is the perfume that connects man to his origins and to the source of his creative power.

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“Never liked cologne, men put too much on. When I smelled this in a tester, put it on my husband & couldn't stop touching him....Well, I guess I like cologne now”
casual cologne
“very pleasant casual scent- definitely more on the going out side of fragrances. would be really nice for an outdoor dinner or even pool party. the lavender is strong and nice but not in a off-putting way. would layer well with a more citrusy scent”
Prada Colognes
“This cologne has a nice scent to it most high-end brand colognes have a blue I must say this Prada blue tops off the blues it reminds me of a stronger dulce and Gabbana very much stronger though”
Masculine Cologne
“I bought this for myself because I really like the woody smell of it, but it's really masculine for a woman, but it smells delicious in a men”
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“All the way down to the bomb-shaped bottle, this cologne makes a serious statement. But it's not so powerful that you can't wear it every day—crafted with notes of chili, tobacco, and saffron, it's clean, masculine, and ideal for standard workdays and fancy nights out alike”
Musk Cologne
“On me, it is a mildly sweet (vs tart) citrus-floral with a very mild dry down of light fresh musk. It's not a cheap overpowering musk though”
Everyday Cologne
“This Cologne has a great everyday smell. It’s not overpower and it lasts all day”
Teen Cologne
“Unique and would be cool for a teen or someone in their 20s. The reason I don’t love this fragrance for men is just a personal preference”
Wood Cologne
“I love Tom Ford's Oud Wood cologne! It has such a clean wood fragrance that is great for everyday use”
Givenchy Cologne
“He’s definitely purchasing it again, despite having other colognes, because he said this is the best everyday cologne”