Colored Combs

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Colored combs are versatile tools for adding a touch of vibrancy and creativity to your hair. Different color options allow you to experiment with temporary color accents or highlights without the commitment of permanent dye. Using color combs, you can achieve a unique, personalized look that reflects your style and mood.

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Light Color Palettes
“But it’s such a beautiful palette so I’m still giving it 4 stars. I loveee rose golds and pink toned palettes that aren’t too light”
Dark Color Palettes
“This nice compact palette has all the colors I need to even out my skin tone, spots, and dark circles”
Shampoos For Colored Hair
“I recently dyed my hair black and the shampoos I used strips the color at times. I found that this shampoo didn’t strip my hair color”
Plum Color
“Goes on smoothly and is a great color! I will buy more in other colors”
Yellow Color Corrector
“I love this color corrector from Bobbi Brown. It was very easy to use plus a little goes a long way”
Warm Hair and Brow Colors
“I was so nervous to shower but even in warm showers (which, yes, I know you’re not supposed to do with dyed hair but I’m a sucker for a warm shower) the color has not faded at all”
Makeup Color Sticks
“The formula is creamy and the stick is soft. It glides over the hair like butter depositing color evenly”
Bright Lip Colors
“This palette is absolutely swoon worthy - it feels like a smooth pebble in your hands! I use the colors with Westman’s lip brush - you can combine the colors in endless ways - I use a darker color to outline and a brighter color to fill in my lips.. the bright red and pink shades are pure glory”
Neutral Color Palettes
“The colors are a beautiful set of rosey/neutral tones and you can get a gorgeous sparkley eye”
Springtime Colors
“This is a beautiful Springtime palette! The palette is super easy to apply and the pigments are everything a earth tone girl like myself simply loves”