Fox Eye Makeup

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Fox eye makeup is a trendy technique that creates an elongated, lifted eye shape. A captivating and sultry look is achieved by using eyeshadow and eyeliner to extend the outer corners of the eyes. Whether you opt for a subtle or dramatic approach, fox eye makeup can add a touch of allure and intensity to your overall look.

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Prom Eye Makeup
“I use this before I put my eye makeup on to go dancing. My eyeshadow goes on smoothly and NOTHING comes off before I apply eye makeup remover”
Ivory Eye Makeup
“I worked over the Sigma eye primer in ignite, seen here worn with Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 in Amazing Amal—can’t wait to try a smoky eye with a red lip”
Anime Eye Makeup
“It's so volumizing it seems like a joke. I feel like I have anime lashes! No false lashes necessary, you can probably see mine from Mars”
Gold Eye Makeup
“I love using the rose gold as an inner corner highlight! It stays on all day”
Orange Eye Makeup
“The shades all run very orange, no matter which one I am choosing. It's a cute little palette but I as expecting a more toned down nude”
Rainbow Eye Makeup
“There's also a small touch of holographic glitter in the mix, so if you're very close you'll see tiny flashes of rainbow. Looks beautiful on camera. If you're interested in subtle shine, this isn't for you”
Princess Eye Makeup
“I have to admit, the first 10 minutes of wearing it make you feel like a fairy princess. It's beautiful and glittery and ethereal looking. ”
Light Brown Eye Makeup
“I saw a lot of YouTubers do tutorials with the palette and it didn't look like pigmentation would be a problem (this is my first Huda purchase, and it's supposed to be a high end brand) but I went to use this palette for the first time and only use the light brown shade for a light neutral look, but it honestly took so many dips into the palette to just achieve the color on my lids”
Sleepy Eye Makeup
“This product blends so beautifully and looks stunning with any eye color. I was skeptical of the light blue paired with my blue eyes but i am obsessed”
Maroon Eye Makeup
“I love the idea of maroon mascara (the black honey looks maroon). Maroon is in style”