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If you have long hair, you know that the right products can make all the difference. You want something that will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy with minimal frizz and no flyaways. The best grease hair products are the ones that make your hair look good, feel good, and smell good. Here are some of our favorites.

Live TintedHueglow Liquid Highlighter Drops

Size: 1.7 oz / 50 mL·ITEM: 2704351

Color: Dusk - bronze

20 Reviews


I love the glowing effect. However, this product contains too much oil(s) for my skin. 15 minutes after applying, I'm blotting the excess grease. ...I am a highlighter junkie but did not have this in my collection of 50+ products. I love it. It’s not shimmery or glittery.

What it is: These squalane-powered glow drops give skin the yummiest natural glow with every single drop. 

Coverage: Light



Highlighted Ingredients: 
- Squalane: Prevents moisture loss and restores visible suppleness to skin.

- Sunflower Seed Oil: Helps to replenish, strengthen, and soothe skin.

- Hyaluronic Acid: Holds up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture for advanced hydration.

Ingredient Callouts: It is cruelty-free.


Really great product! Make sure you don’t use too much or you will be a grease ball! ...This stuff keeps all the baby hairs nice and flat, plus my hair feels super soft after my hair is dry.

What it is: A finishing serum that creates silky smoothness, lasting frizz control, and provides heat protection for normal to thick, frizzy hair.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Medium and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Frizz
- Heat Protection
- Color Protection

Key Benefits:
- Smoothing and frizz control
- Heat protection
- Extraordinary color protection

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Camellia: Smooths and nourishes hair.
- Shea Butter: Softens hair.
- Xylose: Protects hair from heat styling and damage.


Guerlian are known for great products with a high price tag and this might be my one and only time purchasing this product. products this serum is like magic !

What it is: A daily serum that firms, tones, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Loss of Firmness and Elasticity, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Lightweight Serum

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Ouessant Honey: Rich in amino acids, trace elements, and high in fructose content to offer the essential ingredients that are vital to skin.
- Guerlain Exclusive Royal Jelly: Extracted from bees and sourced sustainably, rich in exceptional nutrients, and a natural source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins to nurture skin.

Ingredient Callouts: This product comes in recyclable packaging.


It is super easy to apply — quick absorbing. It leaves no grease yet leave your skin hydrated. I have a combination typed skin, so basically I don’t like to use oil on my face as it often causes breakout but not this oil!!!! ...I have sensitive skin that tends to burn even from innocuous seeming products. I also flush easily. This product makes my skin feel awesome.

What it is: A radiance-boosting serum that hits reset on dull-, tired-looking skin with an infusion of immortelle essential oil.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dullness

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Immortelle Essential Oil: Is an antioxidant-packed ingredient that visibly smooths and evens skin while boosting the appearance of radiance.
- Immortelle Sap-Like Extract: Soothes skin and supports recovery from daily stress.
- Acmella oleracea Extract: Rapidly smooths skin.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens and sulfates SLS & SLES.

What Else You Need to Know: This unique oil-in-serum contains 3,000 bubbles to preserve the powerful immortelle essential


Love this product...I like this product for my wavy hair! I love the packaging it is so nice and sleek! ...Strength and Volume for Fine, Fragile Hair...The products are very lightweight, which leaves my hair feeling clean and voluminous with no trace of grease, even after a couple of days.

What it is: A lightweight, thickening hair serum infused with Japanese-sourced rice water that hydrates, repairs damage, reduces split ends, and strengthens fragile hair while leaving hair soft and shiny.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine and Medium

Hair Concerns:
- Shine
- Volumizing
- Damage, Split Ends, and Breakage

Key Benefits:
- Leaves hair 30x stronger and increases hair diameter*
- Reduces split ends up to 91 percent and protects against future damage*
- Leaves hair strands soft, smooth, and shiny

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Rice Water: Rich in amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to help restore damage and prevent future breakage.


It smells wonderful and does not weight down or grease your hair if you use it on damp hair. Only concerned about how my hair will react if I stop using this....On the good side, it smell good, doesn't make hair grease. Actually, it could probably help if you have oily hair, if you want to wash it every 3 days instead of every other day. maybe...

What it is: A specialized scalp and hair serum that will leave your hair looking shinier and feeling thicker.

Hair Type: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Texture: Straight, Wavy, and Curly

Hair Concerns:
- Thinning
- Damage/Split Ends/Breakage
- Dryness


I love ordinary products and this product is must have in pm skin routine. ...I know this isn't an oil-free product, but I've used plenty of other products similar to this without the same feeling.

What it is: A solution that contains retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearances of fine lines and photo damage.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Uneven Texture, and Loss of Firmness and Elasticity.

Formulation: Lightweight Serum

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens. This product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: This water-free serum contains 0.5 percent of pure Retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearances of fine lines, photo damage, textural irregularities, and the general look of skin aging.


This product makes my dark spots look less prominent which made me love it. skin care products can be hit or miss if you don’t sample but I’m glad this was a hit for sure! ...I love this and I am excited to try other products this brand offers.

What it is: A powerful, hydrating serum that visibly brightens skin with squalane and vitamin C for a radiant look.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness and Dullness

Formulation: Lightweight Serum

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Squalane: A pure, sustainable plant-derived moisturizer for weightless hydration.
- Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant that visibly brightens and evens skin tone.
- Sea Fennel Extract: Activates visible radiance while smoothing skin.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.


I get ingrown hairs on my chin/neck and those don't seem to be attacking me as much either which is nice. ...Great beauty product!...This product is easy to use with minimal mess and no grease.

What it is: A super-concentrated serum that helps calm, restore, and defend sensitive skin.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Redness, Dryness, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Serum

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Oat: Helps calm inflammation.
- Glycerin: Hydrates skin.
- Evening Primrose Oil: Helps calm rashes, inflammation, and dry skin.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban, and contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances.


Has not left a grease residue. I look forward to using this for years to come....It took about two weeks to notice growth and it started out as little whispy baby hairs, but now those hairs are long enough to blend right into my other hair.

What it is: A nourishing, totally weightless hair serum that‘s designed to support scalp health while delivering stronger, thicker, more lustrous locks.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concerns:
- Oiliness
- Dryness
- Flaky, Dry Scalp

Key Benefits:
- Creates fuller, stronger hair
- Helps optimize hair‘s growth cycle
- Hydrates and removes scalp buildup

Formulation: Serum

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Loquat Leaf: Supports hair thickness, density, and strength.
- Larch Tree: Balances sebum production, preventing greasy hair.

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