Retinol Moisturizers

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Retinol is a powerful skincare ingredient that has been used for decades to treat acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Retinol is also a common ingredient in anti-aging products. Here are some of the retinol-based moisturizers on the market today.

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Retinol Moisturizer
“I’m obsessed with this “moisturizer”. I’ve tried soooo many different retinol serums, moisturizers etc and this is by FAR by favourite”
Luxury Moisturizers
“I've had pretty much similar results from other products. So is the luxurious feel of the cream itself worth that much”
Mature Skin Moisturizers
“I was hooked on a free sample, and this is genuinely the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It may be expensive, but it’s cheaper than trying 10 less $ moisturizers that don’t work”
Gentle Moisturizers
“Amazing moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and would break out when a product irritates it and this moisturizer my skin loves”
Natural Tinted Moisturizer
“I wear over serum and a light moisturizer and have a no makeup feel to my face. Also don’t need a powder to knock down any shine like the original formula”
Retinol Products
“I now use this in place of the Josie maran retinol and the FAB KP moisturizer”
Retinoid Creams
“This is a good retinol to start off with especially if you are new to retinoids. I finished this tube and it helped my skin be ready to start tretinoin by getting my skin used to lower concentrations of retinoids. i didnt notice any changes anti aging wise with this serum but i do believe it helped make the texture of my skin look better”
Shimmer Moisturizers
“This cream literally erases pores and makes my skin shine (there seems to be a light shimmer to it”
Body Moisturizers With Collagen
“It's a bit gimmicky as topical collagen, such as creams and moisturizers, do not help your body produce more collagen”
Thick Moisturizers
“I’m a fan of tinted moisturizers, and this one is my new favorite! It blends in really easily and has a beautiful, luminous finish”