Drunk Elephant - Sili™ Body Lotion 8.0 oz/ 240 mL Clean at Sephora
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Drunk Elephant - Sili™ Body Lotion 8.0 oz/ 240 mL Clean at Sephora
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New Body by Drunk Elephant

Drunk ElephantSili™ Body Lotion

SIZE 8.0 oz/ 240 mLITEM 2346518
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What it is: A supercharged body lotion formula that restores dull, dry, irritable skin to a visibly healthier, more balanced state.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Formulation: Lotion

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Five-Ceramide Blend: Ceramides AP, NP, EOP, NS, and EOS are derived from plant sources and are identical to the wax-like moisturizing substance that occurs naturally in skin. Ceramides help fill in the spaces between skin cells, giving them elasticity, and play a critical role in strengthening the skin barrier by helping to maintain the moisture balance of skin and protecting against water loss.
- Shea Butter: A concentrated butter derived from the shea fruit. Shea butter has a complex triglyceride composition that is responsible for its characteristic rich, emollient properties and skin-barrier protection.
- Marula Butter: A super-pure, concentrated butter derived from marula oil, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, lipids, and fatty acids, that moisturizes skin and provides powerful barrier protection.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: With a blend of nourishing plant oils, butters, squalene, strengthening amino acids, and a reparative five-ceramide blend, Sili™ Body Lotion locks in hydration while restoring lost moisture. A blend of fruit-derived antioxidants offers defense against free-radical damage. Sili™ Body Lotion has a skin-friendly pH of 4.2.

Drunk Elephant is committed to using only ingredients that either directly benefit the health of the skin or support the integrity of their formulations. They never take into account whether something is synthetic or natural, instead choosing ingredients based on biocompatibility. That‘s why they focus on healthy pH levels, formulations the skin recognizes, small molecular structure that‘s easily absorbed, and effective active ingredients that also support and maintain the skin‘s acid mantle. But what they leave out of their products is just as important as what they put into them, so you will never find what they call the Suspicious 6™ (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrances/dyes, SLS) in their line. Drunk Elephant believes that these six ubiquitous ingredients are at the root of almost every skin issue, and when they‘re removed entirely from your routine—that is, when you take a Drunk Break™—skin can reset and return to its healthiest, most balanced state. This ingredient-elimination diet benefits all skin types and inspired the #barewithus Instagram movement, a collection of bare-faced selfies that chronicles the Drunk Elephant journeys of people who have found not only healthier skin but more importantly, healthier self-confidence.

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