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Bronzer Sticks

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Bronzer Sticks

Achieve a stunning sculpted look with our selection of high-quality bronzer sticks. Discover long-wearing formulas, skin-brightening picks, hydrating solutions, and other must-haves.

Bronzer sticks feature perfectly portable designs, so you can easily take them on your next trip or touch up your look when you’re on the go. They also glide on seamlessly and promote a softer finish, which is ideal for those who prefer to stick to more low-key makeup looks.

If you’re going for a natural splash of warmth, we have plenty of options like the MERIT Bronze Balm Sheer Sculpting Bronzer. Microfine pigments give off a pretty touch of color without totally concealing your skin texture, while fatty acids help lock in hydration. The product’s oval shape also promotes maximum precision and the neutral undertones prevent the chance of any orange after-effects.

Hoping to find bronzer sticks that will add some dimension to your look? Be sure to check out the contour formulas, like the NUDESTIX Tinted Blur Contour Sculpting Stick. This cream-to-powder matte product delivers a subtle contour you’ll love. It includes vitamin E to help nurture your skin, while the green tea extract enhances tone and texture for a youthful-looking finish.

We also carry multitasking products, like NARS’ The Multiple Cream Blush, Lip and Eye Stick. Flexible enough to use at several stages of your beauty routine, this game-changing solution works for every skin tone and gives off a natural look with a grease-free feel. It’s also made with powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin.