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Hair Serums

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Hair Serums

Zero in on your biggest hair care concerns with our roundup of high-quality hair serums. Find growth formulas, nurturing treatments, and everything else you need right here at Sephora.

Dealing with thinning strands? We have several formulas that are specifically designed to reduce shedding, like the Vegamour GRO Hair Serum for Thinning Hair. This powerful vegan formula helps improve density while keeping hair loss under control for fuller-looking locks in as little as 90 days. The best part? There are zero greasy after-effects.

When it comes to handling flakes and dryness, we have hair serums that are carefully formulated to deliver deep relief to the scalp region. Add balance and hydration with OUAI’s Hydrating Scalp Serum for Healthy, Fuller Looking Hair is a solid choice for managing post-styling irritation.

Hoping to find reliable solutions for aging hair? We’ve got you covered with several anti-gray hair serums and color-preserving picks, like ALTERNA Haircare’s CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Infinite Color Hold Dual-Use Serum. Flexible enough to use as a leave-in treatment or mask, this powerful product eliminates fade-out and boosts radiance to keep your hair color in perfect condition.