Huile de Cheveux Sains

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Huile de Cheveux Sains.

Les huiles capillaires sont un excellent moyen d'ajouter de l'humidité et de la brillance à vos cheveux. Ils peuvent également être utilisés sur cheveux humides avant le coiffage ou comme après-shampooing sans rinçage. Voici quelques huiles capillaires saines sur le marché aujourd'hui.

Produits liés à Huile de Cheveux Sains

Huile capillaire ayurvédique
“These hair oils both smell really nice. I am new to doing a pre-wash hair oil but this one has made my hair feel really soft and silky”
Huiles capillaires légères
“I actually like this oil/serum. It’s lightweight and hydrating. I prefer to use it on damped hair, I feel it makes my hair shine even more once dry. ”
Vaporisateur a l'huile pour Cheveux
“I love this Dry Oil Spray because it hydrated and tamed my thick wavy hair without weighing it down”
Huile capillaire pour cheveux longs
“this hair oil is hands down the NUMBER ONE hair oil to use, it's so light weight, doesn't make your hair greasy, & smells so good”
Hair Oils For Natural Hair
“Container: Glass Bottle Dropper Product Type: Hair Oil Scent: Not strong, but more natural herbal scent Hair Type: Natural Curls that are lightly bleached I loved this hair oil”
Huile capillaire à usage quotidien
“I have very oily hair that is also frizzy and quite thick. I liked the oil original version of this, but like basically all hair oils it also was way too greasy for my hair to handle. ”
Produits capillaires à l'huile
“This oil is perfect! I've been using it for three years now and I used many hair oils/treatments prior that do not compare to this hair oil”
huiles de beauté
“This oil is my absolute favorite beauty oil. I have tried tonsss of beauty oils and this oil is by far the best”
Huile capillaire pour cuir chevelu sensible
“One of the best scalp oils on the market. I love Indian hair oils and I find the mix of Ingredients works on my hair”
Huiles capillaires pour cheveux abîmés
“amazing, has fixed my colour treated and damaged hair in two months. i can see significant hair growth and my ends look better than ever. i’ve invested in the larger sizes, pricey but worth it for the results”