Crèmes minérales

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Crèmes minérales.

Découvrez le pouvoir transformateur des crèmes minérales avec notre sélection organisée. Ces formules luxueuses sont conçues pour nourrir et améliorer votre peau, la laissant hydratée, radieuse et jeune. Des hydratants légers aux crèmes de nuit riches, notre collection offre une gamme d'options adaptées à chaque type et problème de peau. Infusées des bienfaits des minéraux naturels, ces crèmes offrent un regain d'hydratation tout en contribuant à améliorer la texture et l'apparence globale de votre teint. Améliorez votre routine de soins de la peau avec nos crèmes minérales soigneusement sélectionnées qui deviendront certainement des incontournables de votre arsenal beauté.

Produits liés à Crèmes minérales

Lotions Crèmes
“i loved this lotion!! the scent lasted so long and i felt so moisturized after using. this also lasted me a solid 6 months so i definitely recommend”
Produits de soin naturels
“This is just as good if not better! Leaves a natural glow - super dewiness. I have super dry skin and this just does it for me and rarely do I find a cream that is moisturizing enough”
crèmes apaisantes
“Sometimes I get a little redness on my face and this cream calms and soothes my skin. The smell is very calming and the texture is super smooth”
Crèmes Bio
“Absorbs well into my face. I’ve tried so many organic, natural skin care products and Tata is the best”
Crèmes Exfoliantes
“I stopped using physical exfoliants and using this lactic acid exfoliant has done wonders on my skin's texture”
Nourishing Creams
“Very lightweight and nourishing cream. I used this on my dry skin and it stayed moisturized for a couple days”
Crèmes d'hydratation
“I personally really enjoy the formula, it hydrates me fairly well and evened out my complexion. ”
Day Creams
“I have already gotten compliments on my skin after using for a few days. Advertised as a day cream, I do use evening and morning”
Crèmes Végétaliennes
“I was using 0.01 percent tretinoin the last two years and was seeing amazing results, but I wanted to find a vegan alternative. This stuff is amazing!! I’m pretty sure it’s stronger than my prescription (which was low mind you, but was definitely working) and I’m just super happy I found a vegan alternative that actually works”
Crèmes rétinoïdes
“This is a good retinol to start off with especially if you are new to retinoids. I finished this tube and it helped my skin be ready to start tretinoin by getting my skin used to lower concentrations of retinoids. i didnt notice any changes anti aging wise with this serum but i do believe it helped make the texture of my skin look better”