Eau de Cologne pour adolescents

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Eau de Cologne pour adolescents.

L'eau de Cologne est un parfum ou un spray cosmétique utilisé pour couvrir les mauvaises odeurs. Il est généralement fabriqué à partir d'huiles essentielles et d'ingrédients synthétiques. Certaines eaux de Cologne contiennent du camphre, qui est utilisé pour repousser les insectes. Il existe de nombreux types d'eaux de Cologne, y compris celles de créateurs. Alors que l'eau de Cologne est traditionnellement associée aux adultes, il existe maintenant des eaux de Cologne spécialement conçues pour les adolescents. Il peut donner confiance aux adolescents sans se soucier des odeurs. Voici quelques produits suggérés pour les adolescents :

Produits liés à Eau de Cologne pour adolescents

Prada Cologne
“This cologne has a nice scent to it most high-end brand colognes have a blue I must say this Prada blue tops off the blues it reminds me of a stronger dulce and Gabbana very much stronger though”
eau de Cologne décontractée
“very pleasant casual scent- definitely more on the going out side of fragrances. would be really nice for an outdoor dinner or even pool party. the lavender is strong and nice but not in a off-putting way. would layer well with a more citrusy scent”
Sport Cologne
“My boyfriend didn't enjoy it too much and prefers the regular Homme rather than the Homme sport due to personal preference, but he said if you like sporty scents, you'll probably enjoy the sport variation”
Eau de Cologne en vaporisateur
“When I tell you I couldn’t stop being clingy to my man this is the reason this cologne on him had me going crazy especially when he would have it on his hoodie omggggggg it’s the best smelling cologne”
Cologne au genièvre
“Smells pretty good! I really liked the juniper, it’s A common fragrance element but it smelled really new and fresh in this cologne”
Eau de Cologne d'été
“The scent was absolutely amazing very earthy which I love. Very nice summer scent and definitely could be mixed. My favorite scent out of the discovery set was the capri summer very bright fresh squeezed scent”
Eau de Cologne masculine
“A masculine scent. Great for evenings, going out. Very sexy”
Vacances Cologne
“The LV cologne will last longer than all day, I am not sure why this does not last as long as the LV”
Cologne nocturne
“I bought my fiance' the sample set for Christmas and he has been trying a new cologne every date night. This was my favorite....it reminds me of Fahrenheit, which I love, but is not as sweet”
Musc Cologne
“On me, it is a mildly sweet (vs tart) citrus-floral with a very mild dry down of light fresh musk. It's not a cheap overpowering musk though”