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Paco RabanneEau de toilette Pure XS en flacon pulvérisateur

FORMAT 1,7 oz/ 50 mLARTICLE 2128841
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1,7 oz/50 ml
Famille de parfums
Chaud et épicé

Catégorie de parfums
Épices rafraîchissantes

Notes essentielles
White Thyme, Ginger, Vanilla

En savoir plus
Pure XS, is an untamed oriental. An overflow of mouth-watering ginger sets the pace. A rush of juicy sap, sensual and vegetal, and potent thyme follow and cinnamon races suave and stimulating around the lascivious note of myrrh. Leather and vanilla sign the base for a scent that is decadent, raw, and pure.

Distractingly devastating and decadently fascinating, the Pure XS man is intensely nonchalant, hip, hypnotic, and hot. Women fall under his spell. Now’s the time to lighten up, play with fire, and lose control.

Complément d'information 
High shine, high class. Like a bright lighter. Rabanne style. A mass that is heavy to hold. With a light refelcting lacquer. Intuitive. Instinctive. Blue attracting gold and vice versa. Melting into the shade full beam.
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