LOVES (formerly Shopping List)

All of the items saved in your Shopping List have automatically been added to your “Loves”. Loves is a new way to collect and save all your favorite beauty items and products you can’t wait to try by clicking on the heart icons while you shop. No more hunting for your favorite mascara or moisturizer you want to replenish – just shop from your Loves and check out!

Loves is part of your Beauty Bag - a new destination for all your online and in-store purchases and favorite beauty products. Now you have all of your most loved products at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want to access them – online at home or in-store from your mobile phone.

To create or modify Loves, you will need to either sign in to your account or register as a new user. To add items to your Loves, search for the item you want and click on the “empty” heart next to it. This will automatically add the item to your Loves. To modify your Loves, sign in and click the “Loves” link. You can remove items or “unlove” them by clicking on the “full” red heart located next to the product. When you are ready to purchase the items, place them in your basket.