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How To Use Crushed Tonic with Your Favorite Flavors

Crushed TonicAnti-Aging Collagen Elixir

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TYPE: Original Crush
Beauty Benefit:
Glowing Skin (minimizes look of enlarged pores, dark circles, and wrinkles), Stronger Hair and Nails, and Stronger Digestive and Immune Health

What it is: A kit of 30 anti-aging ingestible skincare drink mixes formulated with marine collagen, probiotics, biotin, and antioxidant-packed lucuma to help replenish you for stronger skin, thicker-looking hair and better health.

What it tastes like:
- Original: nutty and caramel-like (because lucuma is a superfruit that sweetens and enhances already flavored beverages like coffee, smoothies, and protein shakes; unlike other sweeteners, lucuma powder is all-natural and low-calorie)
- Matcha: strong green tea
- Tumeric: chai but spicier; with cinnamon and ginger, is it aromatic with a full body

How to use: Consume in the morning, before ingesting any other foods

Dosage: One to two crushes, every day for 4 weeks

When to expect results: One to three days of daily dosage for better health (digestion/immune system), two to three weeks of daily dosage for better skin, one month of daily dosage for better hair

What Else You Need to Know: As you get older, your body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen, the super-protein that makes up over 75 percent of your skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscles. Without these gatekeepers of hydration and moisture, your body starts to show signs of aging, like wrinkles, dark circles, and thinning hair. However, drinking Crushed Tonic daily for two to four weeks can improve your skin and hair from within. These highly effective and clinically proven, marine collagen-based formulas work to replenish you from head to your toe.

Founding story: Founder Sally discovered the power of ingestible skincare after experiencing painful burns up and down both of her arms. When topical creams and ointments didn't work, she had to turn to drinking collagen to speed her recovery. Soon, she was seeing results not just in her arms, but everywhere on her body: her hair was becoming thicker and stronger than it's ever been, and she no longer was struggling with dry skin and dark circles under her eyes.

Clinical Results: Clinical study part A (40 participants, females around the age of 55, and 12 weeks); using a cutometer, a skin elasticity meter that analyzes skin's elasticity by measuring the time and quality of skin's ability to return to the original state after stretching and pulling it, respondents reported:
- 18% increase in skin firmness
- 27.2% decrease in skin elasticity
- 22.8% increase in skin hydration

Clinical study part B (40 participants, females around the age of 55, and 12 weeks); by measuring the shadows created by one's wrinkles pre and post study, surveyed respondents reported:
- Significant decrease in wrinkles (average of -9.73%) by week 12

After drinking Crushed Tonic every day for 4 weeks, focus group of 50 respondents:
- 97% saw an increase in skin hydration and firmness
- 97% saw a decrease in look of under-eye dark circles
- 97% saw reduced wrinkles and enlarged pores
- 94% saw thicker, stronger hair, and a boost in hair growth
- 100% saw quicker muscle recovery, stronger joints and bones, and an improvement in metabolism, digestion, and immune health