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ITEM 2013407
online only
1000 points


Conceal and add a natural glow to create the perfect no-makeup makeup look. Carry your essentials and a power bank to keep your phone charged in a stylish tote bag.
This reward includes:

-1.0 oz/ 29.57 mL Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in Shade 2
-0.82 oz/ 24.25 mL Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Brightening Concealer in Shade 2
-1.67 oz/ 49.39 mL Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer in Shade 2
-1.18 oz/ 34.90 mL Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer in Shade 2
-Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Power Bank
-Benefit Cosmetics Canvas Tote Bag
-Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Bag

*Subject to Beauty Insider Terms & Conditions. Offer valid online for a limited time or while supplies last. Quantities limited to 38. Offer is valid with 1,000 Beauty Insider points at time of redemption. Valid for U.S. and Canadian residents only.

My Beauty Bank doesn’t have enough points for this reward. Can I make a purchase and redeem this reward at the same time?

You can earn points and spend them in the same transaction. If you currently have 70 points, add $30 worth of merchandise to your basket in order to redeem a 100-point reward. Please note that adding a reward to your basket does not reserve it for you.

Do I need to make a purchase to redeem this reward?

There is no purchase required for rewards valued 750 points and above. To redeem a reward valued below 750 points, you must make a merchandise purchase. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward).

Do I need to pay for shipping?

All rewards worth 750 points or more ship free, regardless of whether you’ve purchased merchandise. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward). Rewards valued below 750 points ship free with a $50 minimum purchase.

I’m a Sephora FLASH member. Can I opt for expedited shipping on my reward?

Your order is only eligible for FLASH 2-Day Shipping with a merchandise purchase. If you redeem a 750-point reward without a merchandise purchase, your order will be shipped via Standard 3-Day Shipping.

Can I add samples or a promotion to my order?

If you purchase merchandise, your order will be eligible for 3 free samples and a promo code. The redemption of a 750-point reward without a merchandise purchase does not qualify for additional samples or promotions.

If I redeem an experiential or personalized reward, how do I book my trip/appointment/etc.?

Leave it to us! Shortly after redeeming your reward, you will receive a letter that outlines next steps.

Can I return my reward?

Unfortunately, rewards may not be returned or exchanged for points, cash, another product, gift card, or eGift certificate.