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SEPHORA COLLECTION - hakuho-do + SEPHORA PRO Brush Collection
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SEPHORA COLLECTIONhakuho-do + SEPHORA PRO Brush Collection

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only a few left - Wedge Sloping Powder Brush
What it is:
A revolutionary line of brushes created through a collaboration between the Sephora Pro team and traditional Japanese craftsmen.

What it does:
These beautiful brushes feature an innovative synthetic bristle material—the first to benefit from exclusive technology—that creates a softer, fluffier feel with actual bounce while retaining the benefits of synthetic bristles. As a result, these brushes are soft as cashmere, yet deposit more product onto the face due to less absorption and are more hygienic than natural hair. The result of the first ever collaboration between a beauty company and highly-skilled traditional Hakuho-do craftsmen, these brushes benefit from the expertise of the Sephora Pro team and are handmade in Japan using a traditional, 200-year-old manufacturing technique. This ensures the highest quality design, materials, and assembly for astounding results.

The brush shapes were chosen for their precision, control, and ability to function as multitaskers. (Each sold separately.)

Kusabi Wedge Sloping Powder Brush (Kusabi): A large angled powder brush with a brand-new shape developed by the Sephora Pro team for the self-application of powder, bronzer, or for neck shading.
Otsubu Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush (Otsubu): A large pointed powder brush to apply powder, contour, or bronzer.
Kotsubu Small Teardrop Pointed Highlighter (Kotsubu): A revolutionary medium-point highlighter brush for precision contouring and highlighting.
Ougi Fan Cheek Brush (Ougi): A universal blush brush to apply blush, contour, or for a natural, no-makeup look.
Kusuriyubi Angled Concealer Brush (Kusuriyubi): A multitasking brush with angled shape for allover eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, under-eye concealer, and highlighting.

What else you need to know:
These products are not tested on animals.