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SEPHORA COLLECTION - Oil-in-Foam Cleanser 5 oz/ 150mL
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SIZE 5 oz/ 150mLITEM 1860311
22 reviews
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$16.00 $5.00
What it is:
A nourishing foam cleanser for more beautiful skin.

What it does:
This foaming cleanser removes makeup and eliminates impurities and excess sebum gently and effectively. Enriched with acacia honey, its formula is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the skin. The creamy foaming texture transforms into oil on contact with the skin, for a truly soft touch.

Research results:
In a consumer test on 100 volunteers, after 3 days of use:
- 78% agreed the foam is easy to apply
- 92% agreed the foam is easy to rinse off
- 88% agreed the texture is pleasant
- 86% agreed the fragrance is pleasant
- 80% agreed the product leaves skin perfectly cleansed
- 79% Agreed the product removes all traces of makeup
- 89% Agreed the foam gently removes makeup
- 75% Agreed the foam eliminates impurities and excess sebum
- 81% Agreed the product restores the skin's comfort
- 87% Agreed the product leaves skin feeling soft
- 72% Agreed the formula doesn't leave oily residue on skin